Louisiana Arborist State License Exam

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    Hello, for my Louisiana residents I am a professional Horticulturist preparing to take the Arborist State License Exam, but have the following question below. Thanks for all your help.
    (1) Do we have a have 1 or 2 day review class for the exam? I been looking but have not found anything scheduled.
    (2) I have herd the test format is short answers fill in the blank with 20 to 25 questions can anyone verify this information?
    (3) What chapters and specific categories per chapter to focus on the most? For the ISA Basic Arborist Certification exam they list 10 categories and percentages like this:

    1. Soil Management—12%
    2. Identification and Selection—8%
    3. Installation and Establishment—5% 4. Safe Work Practices—15%
    5. Tree Biology—8%
    6. Pruning—16%
    7. Diagnosis and Treatment—12%
    8. Urban Forestry—7%
    9. Tree Protection—4%

    10. Tree Risk Management—13%

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