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    Yeah, same over this way. Seems like everyone's waiting for spring.

    The weather has been crazy. This next cool front rolling in will do us in!
    Fall clean-ups haven't gone so well for me, I've had a lowballer following me around this fall. I priced a terrible clean up for over $600, this guy did it for two. I know because the woman called me back and told me who he was, the price he charged, and that it took him three days with some help. I was happy I missed that one once she called telling all his business.
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    As past president of the Louisiana Turfgrass Association, I would like to invite all LCO's from Louisiana to attend our annual meeting on January 6, 2011, at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge.

    Here is the agenda, and a registration form that you can send in to register, or you can register at the door.

    Hope to see all of you there!!!

    LTA Conference Agenda
    January 6, 2011
    Lawton Room at Tiger Stadium

    Registration from 8:00-9:00 am
    8:50 Opening Remarks

    Dr. Don Labonte
    Department Head, School of Plant, Environmental and Soil Sciences

    9:00 Recent Turfgrass Varieties (Including Tifgrand Shade Tolerant Bermudagrass)
    Dr. Wayne Hanna, World Renowned Turfgrass Breeder
    University of Georgia.
    10:00 Diseases that Plague Southern Turfgrass
    Dr. Don Ferrin and Dr. Raghuwinder Singh, Plant Pathologists
    Louisiana State University
    11:00 LSU Athletic Turfgrass Update
    Eric Fasbender and Mike Watson, Turfgrass Managers
    Louisiana State University
    11:45 Eat and Fellowship
    12:30 Business Meeting
    1:00 Insect Management in Turfgrass
    Dr. Dennis Ring
    Entomologist, Louisiana State University
    2:00 Economic Outlook for Green Industry in 2011
    Dr. Roger Hinson
    LSU Agricultural Economics Professor
    2:30 Solving Problems on Athletic Turfgrass
    Mr. Jeff Kershaw
    West Baton Rouge Parish Schools
    3:00 “Installing and maintaining athletic turfgrass”
    Panel Discussion
    3:30 LSU Turfgrass
    Graduate Student Research

    You will need temporary parking passes for the conference. They will be available inside the Lawton Room.

    Serving the Turfgrass Industry for Over 50 years

    LTA Turf Conference Registration
    January 6, 2011
    Please try to pre-register if possible. The fee for the conference is $50 for the first person. Group discounts are available for additional conference attendees from the same company (see table below). Your fee for the con-ference includes membership in the LTA. Everyone with interest in turfgrass and landscape management are welcome. This form may also be used just to pay yearly membership dues.

    2011 Meeting Pre-Registration/Membership Dues Form
    CITY__________________________STATE _________________ZIP__________
    E-mail: ________________________________________________________________

    (Your E-mail address is necessary to receive confirmation of conference payment)
    Additional e-mail addresses of attendees:
    E-mail: _________________________ E-mail: _________________________
    E-mail _________________________ E-mail: _________________________
    Conference Registration Fees Below Include Membership in the LTA Number of Attendees Amount Total
    1 $50.00
    2 $90.00
    3 $130.00
    4 $150.00
    5 $175.00
    Each Additional Attendee $25.00

    ___I am not attending conference but I wish to pay my LTA membership dues at $25 per person.
    Please make checks payable to Louisiana Turfgrass Association (LTA).
    Mail to: Amy Blanchard
    LSU AgCenter
    School of Plant, Environmental & Soil Sciences
    155 J.C. Miller Hall
    Baton Rouge, LA 70803
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    Is anyone planning to attend the turf conference?
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    It's my plan to come
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    Great! Be sure to look me up.

    Anyone else going?
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    Well Bella chase peeps I jus got done eatin some good seafood at salvo's is the bomb now off to the motel to sleep so I can work tonite down walker road unloading mud barges for kewite
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    ready for the rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    anyone notice a slow down due to the river?
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    not really....my schedule is still kickin. you gettin hurt by it?
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    anyone recently take the Landscape contractor exam for the state?

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