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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by ffemt1271, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. WillisLawnCare

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    Anyone from cenla around here?

    I'm starting up solo soon, have one customer from word of mouth so far (obviously an acquaintance), sending out postcards next week.

    Anyone have any tips on pricing. I'm not going to lowball, I was thinking around 40-50 a cut would be acceptable for the residential houses I hope to get, stricly mow, edge, blow and go.

    Going to get a quote on insurance tuesday, hopefully it won't be too much out of my pocket.

    EDIT - Asking for pricing tips because I don't want to tell people my price and get NO business. funds are tight with the start up and I need some clients to really get the ball rolling.
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  2. Blades Lawn Maintenance

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    Hey guys does any one do Any irrigation work around Denham Springs. If so send me a pm
  3. T&JOutdoorLandscaping

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    Hey Willis, I'm from cenla. Pineville area, I'm jus thinking of getting into the business as well. Im talking with a company now for property preservation. I'm not sure how its gonna work out though. Thinking about doing some advertising and some door to door too though. Where you from? How did the insurance quote look and any more clients?
  4. WillisLawnCare

    WillisLawnCare LawnSite Member
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    Yeah I saw an ad on craigslist from the property preservation but from what I've read it's more trouble than it's worth. Just what I've heard, I don't know firsthand.

    Going to get the quote tomorrow, got caught with jury duty this week. Been working on my website and my cards are ordered right now. So I think I'll wait for the website to be fully done and my cards to come in before I pedal any door hangers.

    No more clients yet, just the one, but I havent advertised yet. Just aiming for 1-2 clients when I pedal the 500 door hangers and I will be happy.
  5. joel29m

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    I saw ya today at veilions texaco on 933 and 44.
  6. brandon swafford

    brandon swafford LawnSite Member
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    Willis ur in the right price range for our area
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  7. brandon swafford

    brandon swafford LawnSite Member
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    Was y'all talkin bout the 15-25 yards on Craig's list ?
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  8. brandon swafford

    brandon swafford LawnSite Member
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    Found the perfect gate mower today was a 30 inch exmark
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  9. mikeclfc

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    Anyone from the Baton Rouge area looking for some yards to pick up PM me. I'm looking to sub-contract out work in that area - it is foreclosed homes and is a little more hassle than cutting a regular residential yard but i have 100s of yards in and around baton rouge.

  10. w0283767

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    Mike, got any in hammond or ponchatoula area?
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