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  1. Paulup

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    One more thing, I bought a piece of property in Franklinton, cut down a ton of trees and dug a pond for my fill dirt. The local feed & seed store told me to plant Bahaia for erosion control, but is that really the type of grass i want growing in my own yard? She said that is what they use on the levees in N.O. but I'm curious if there is another alternative that will grow fast around here. I have centipede in my current yard, but I have no intentions of sodding 5.5 acres of rural property.
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    I took two hort. courses at Delgado (Gen. Hort. and Hort. Professionalism) at DCC. I got too busy to continue to attend about 75% of the way through the semester, so did not actually finish either course.

    After that, I got the book, read through it once, took and passed the LC and Hort tests.

    I'm sure it helped that I had some horticulture experience.

    You're helping motivate me; I need to take my irrigation contractor's test (even though about 90% of the guys that do irrigation aren't licensed).
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    I think that the bahia will work fine. From what I understand, seeding centipede is a tedious process.
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    Yeah, i certainly won't be seeding centipede. I already have to bring in a few tons of lime. The property used to be a nursery, but when they listed it for sale they planted it in pines, and it sat like that for about 8 years. The ground is so acidic, weeds aren't even growing in the fresh dirt around the pond. Any recommendations on a good fertilizer that i can buy without a license?
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    i counted my truck, and my 4wheeler, both get used for company use!!!
  6. S man

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    I know a guy named mark provost and he wants me to work with him on landscape jobs he needs the extra help on. Oh also I have a Exmark phazer, toro proline with the 2 cycle and a snapper commercial all for sale. Let me know.

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    Does anyone come across customers looking for someone to spray their gardens or lawns. I have been in business for myself since graduating from LSU in 1990, with a Horticulture degree.
    I spray in the New Orleans area, and do work for many landscape companies and grass cutters.
    I am an owner/operator, and work by myself.
    If you can pass any work my way I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

    All I do is spray and fertilize. No planting. No mowing. No clean ups.
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    my dad graduated with the same degree in 1992 at LSU KACYDS. you might know him. he's a Romaine.

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    sorry, that doesn't ring a bell.
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    KACYDS, I'm interested in possibly referring you to some of our maintenance customers. We've been using a large spraying co., but I'm always interested in helping the smaller guys out.

    I see that you don't have PM's yet, if you'd like, you can call me @ (504) 275-6617 and we can talk. Before referring I'd like references, etc.



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