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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by ffemt1271, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. LouisianaLawnboy

    LouisianaLawnboy LawnSite Silver Member
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    How long have you been in the biz?
  2. ralph84

    ralph84 LawnSite Member
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    Since March. I have three regular clients, and have had jobs here and there on the side. I have a Lesco 36", and redmax blower, weedeater and edger.
  3. Big C

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    Be patient..leave business cards everywhere you go....do good work and the rest will take care of itself......not long ago I felt the same way now I am ripping my hair out trying to schedule estimates, flowerbeds, mowings and all....I bet you a milloin dollers....you will be singing a different tune by this time next year.
  4. LouisianaLawnboy

    LouisianaLawnboy LawnSite Silver Member
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    Yes that is true. Also about the same as what I was going to say.

    Give it time to grow.
  5. dnltractor

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    my best advice is don't ever shortcut anything , do your absolute best on every job you get and I know some may disagree but give langiappe in the beginning , this is an extremely competitive business and tons of part timers that have absolutely no overhead and are always willing to undercut you are out their but what everyone is looking for is quality and that is by far something that is very hard to come by this day , in the beginning I was working alot of times for nothing ; breaking even but no profit , but 7 years later I own a ton of equipment all paid for and am operating my business at about 90% profit , cause its all labor most of the time and I'd pretty much almost guarantee that you couldn't pay my customers to drop me and go w/ someone else , all my customers started out that way but everyone of them are now friends , remember its all about relationships ... If your doing this because you love it , you will be successful , but if your just out their to make a quick buck you'll burn out just as quick , oh yeah and I do more tractor and skid steer work than anything , my grass cutting is kinda like a part time business inside of my business ...:rolleyes:
  6. dnltractor

    dnltractor LawnSite Senior Member
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    where is everybody , chase , krazy , kacyds , yall must be swamped ...

    KACYDS LawnSite Senior Member
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    Have been, but finally catching up. We really need some rain. Things are turning brown around here. Sounds like you doing great. Keep up the good work.

  8. CALandscapes

    CALandscapes LawnSite Senior Member
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    We've been doing a rain dance for the past couple of weeks... Hopefully we'll get a solid day of rain soon... Things really are turning BROWN!

    We've been busy busy busy (thank You, God).. Hopefully we'll keep plugging along and make it through the summer (July and August are generally two of our slowest months)...

    I'm glad to hear that most everyone around here is staying busy; I'm hoping that the economy is going to slowly move uphill, as well.

  9. T.Brandon

    T.Brandon LawnSite Senior Member
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    Lol we got our rain:dizzy:. Looks like I'll be doing some weekend mowing! How are yall guys doing krazy,kacyds,chase,robert, david??
  10. LouisianaLawnboy

    LouisianaLawnboy LawnSite Silver Member
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    We got a splash today. I might still go out to Lafayette. No weekend mowing for me.

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