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    I wonder whats he up to now? Did he get that job with the Gretna Police?
  2. T.Brandon

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    Not to sure, I seen him on the oppostie side of the road. I'm not to sure no one has heard from him
  3. dnltractor

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    I have been so dang busy with dirt work , I love it , the skid has pretty much paid for itself in less than 6 months , I am looking for a mini excavator in really good shape if any of yall know of anyone selling one , I don't want any old rental units . looking for a nice one owner unit under 1000 hrs the lower the better , I want something around the size of a cat 302.5 or a bobcat 325 something right at 6000 lbs , It will be used primarily for digging footings and chainwalls inside form on new construction homes and such so smaller the better , keep yall eyes open for me guy's ... thanks hope yall are all doing well , thank God for the rain ... :clapping:
  4. groundskeeperllc

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    does anyone on here have their Louisiana irrigation contractor license? My wife and I are studying the material so we can take our test in August. just curious if anyone on has taken it and if they could give any info on what all is on it, seems like alot of material to study!
  5. dnltractor

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    that'd be one topic that chase could probably chime in on ...
  6. CALandscapes

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    I have the license; it is a lot of information to learn, and much of it isn't really necessary to actually perform the work. I don't remember 100% exactly what was on the test, but I do remember that there was diagram where you needed to know pipe sizing (pressure charts, etc.)

    The Rainbird design manual has most of the information you'll need to know for the test...

  7. dnltractor

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    found my mini ex guys , should be taking delivery of it this week or next week they still have to service it and clean it up for me , its an 2006 hyundai robex28 w/ a 18" bucket and a mechanical thumb only has 249 original hours , the guy that had it did exactly the same kinda work I am doing and business went bad and the bank repo'd it and my guys over at state equipment called me up , I am getting it for the pay-off amount and its worth well over 28,000 retail right now w/ the hours on it and condition its in , and when I say its in good condition , its like new super tight no slack anywhere ... only downfall is it has a cab but came w/out a/c , but I will definitely be adding it later on down the line , but when you open the doors and lift all the windows its not that bad , but the heater and radio in the winter will be nice ... :dancing: , I'll post some pictures if and when I seal the deal ...
  8. stewd

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    im here in lafayete la been in the business for a year now have 2 residential and 5 commericial need to know where to go to get application licsense for fertilizing and herbicides also where to take holticulture classes
  9. LouisianaLawnboy

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    Hey, I cut grass in Lafayette and live in New Iberia.

    You need to go to your county agent to take the test. I think the test is "Private Pesticide Applicator License"
  10. stewd

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    what do i need to prepare for test

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