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    Just wanted to let everyone know how happy I am w/my Hustler Fastrack Z. I only have 70hrs. or so but have had no problems and it makes more of a beliver out of me every day. I have the 52" w/the 17.5 Briggs (I know, shouda got the 20 Honda) Live and learn right. This week I rented a Farris Z1000 48"/21 Kawi. I can honestly say after this week I know now how good I have it owning a Hustler. Not to bad mouth the Farris but the machine I rented only has 55hrs. the blades were in fair shape and does not have a mulch kit on it like my Fastrack does. My Fastrack's blades are equal as far as sharpness goes and the Fastrack was giving me a much better cut running at the same or close to the same ground speed. I know now also how nice it is to have some of the convience's of auto park brake, cup holders, the deck lift on the Hustler's Rock also.

    All I can say is that this is my first ZTR mower and I am always trying to learn as much as I can. One thing I've learned is that I made the absolute right choice buying a Hustler. Now I just can't wait to buy the next Hustler, probaly a Super Mini Z next season.
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    Glad to hear your Hustler has exceeded your expectations! My Super walk-behind was definitely a wise investment. ItÂ’s so funny when people ask me what kind of mower I have and I tell them Hustler, You should see the eyebrows raise:)
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    People ask me how the company chose Hustler as a name. I tell them climb on the Super Z w/ the Kawa 25hp and see for themselves!

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