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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by dewos, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. dewos

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    Ok so I been giving a few estimates and going around marketing. So it has come to my attention, that some of my customers told me that someone is going around undercutting my prices. No just undercutting them but slashing them. I gave a bid on a lawn for 200 a week. He gave them a price of 125, I don't know how he is making any money. It is about a 38,000 sq foot yard, on a giant hill, with a massive amount of trimming. This house is build on a hill not alittle one either. What do you guys think am I to much or what?
  2. fiveoboy01

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    See the lowballer is already winning, because he has you questioning your prices.

    Never second-guess your price based on what someone else bid.

    Without seeing the property I don't know. 38K is less than an acre though. But you say there is a lot of trimming... It comes down to how long it will take you to do. I'd say if it's a 3-4 hour job your price is about right.
  3. dewos

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    I guessed it to be about 3 hours... I dunno how hes making out with this but I have heard a few things about him from some of his old customers... bad experiences that they had with him. But how do I go about telling the possible customer this? Do i just come right out and say look this guys a smuck and people are coming to me after they see his work? This is also the wealthiest plan in the town.
  4. fiveoboy01

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    Never bash another LCO to make yourself look better. If he does sub-standard work, and they choose him because of his lower price, then fine. If he screws up their landscape, they'll dump him and you may get asked to do it.

    MOW PRO LAWN SERVICE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Seems if it's acre a lot of time is spent in 3 hours cutting and trimming.
  6. ncls

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    Honestly, some people will put up with a certain amount of "smuck", to save 75.00 per cut. Less than an acre is not a lot of grass.
  7. mirrorlandscapes

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    I agree with fiveoboy01. Don't bash somebody else to make yourself look good. Stick to your guns and keep providing top quality work. Word of mouth is huge!!!!! Think about your reputation and what kind of talk you want going around about your company. Hope things work out well for you! :clapping:
  8. supercuts

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    i agree with fiveoboy. also, $200/week is alot if your not in a high end area it might be tuff for them to swing it anyhow. for that money it would have to take around 2+ hrs, so how much of it is really a PITA??? it sounds like you dont want this lawn anyway.
  9. daveintoledo

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    i dont know your area, oh how bad the hill is, but around here, not counting the trimming, thats a 45 dollar lawn.....takes about 20 min to mow and another 20 to trim... why does it take you so long to do such a small yard...in 3 hours i can mow 8 acres easy, myself....

    but you have to decide what is right for you.....dont let it get you done, just keep at it....
  10. ooo

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    If its 3 man hours of work....$125 isnt that bad. Thats 35 an hour + 20 for gas.

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