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I had a conversation the other day with a Lawn Care professional, and he told me I was Low Balling and I took 2 of his customers at the beginning of the year. I just blew it off because I think he was jealous of my opearation, but he got me thinking. Let me give you some background. I am a part-timer and do all my cutting in Maryland. I cut no more than 20 hours a week and average between $75.00 and $90.00 per hour. I work by myself most of the time, however I did have my brother help me some this summer. I feel with the prices I charge, I am fair. I pay taxes, have insurance, and do the best job I can. I normally turn away work at a rate of 4 to 5 customers a week. I will probably never do this full-time, I am happy with the extra money I make. Maybe some of the guys are getting $100.00 an hour, but I am happy with what I make and my low over-head. The only thing I am considering doing besides cutting is aerating. I may start doing this next year in the fall to make some quick money at the end of the season. Like I said I turn away work all the time, so it's not like I am trying to steal customers or take on anymore work. I just am wondering do you think I am a low-baller? I know most people would be happy making this kind of money, and I have been blessed. All of my work is in a two mile radius. I had to vent because I don't want to be thought of this way.

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That's it, I'm moving to Maryland! :)

I don't think you're low-balling, brother, not at all. I took a job from a fellow landscaper recently(the customer came to me and asked for a quote, I didn't 'undercut' him), and bid the job at $35/hour. I was told in no uncertain terms that my rate was higher than the last guy, but I did a better job. He chose me.

$75/hour in any market is more than fair. Keep cutting, brother!



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I agree with TGC, $75.00 - $90.00 an hour is not low balling by comparison to my area as well. Way to go Brian

This will get some posting action: What is LOW BALLING anyway? It's only low balling to the guy that lost the work or did not get the job to begin with. This business is like any other in this great country of FREE ENTERPRIZE. You charge what you want, I charge what I want. If I take away an account from you, it is called competition. Would we all like to have a government controlled industry that governs what we are allowed to charge?

Several years ago, I took several accounts away from two companies here that had been the only two in town for almost 20 years. They acted like I had raped them. Even treated the accounts badly by calling and sending letters to them. They acted like little babies!

BRIAN, If you get the work and you are happy with what you charge, it is not low balling. The other professional that told you this, is not really a professional, nor understands the reality of business!


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I have to agree with Skookum. No low balling in your area.
Keep up the good work.


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Brians, I've been on the forum since the first of the year and haven't posted in awhile, but you, my man, are my inspiration. I have a full-time job and will be beginning my lmo late winter/early spring. My goals are <20 hrs/wk and no less than $35/hr here in Tulsa. If I can become as efficient as you sound, I'll be sitting pretty as a lone operator... keep it up!!!
btw- are you making that rate with just the basics (edging, mowing {mulch or bag} and blowing)?