low ballers taking my $$$

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 2 clowns mowing, May 8, 2008.

  1. 2 clowns mowing

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    is there any way to get these lowballers out? they do it for cash, no insurance and don't pay taxes. how can i report them to the feds and state . i'm tired of these people
  2. Morningside

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    is it still called lowballing if they dont know how much you are charging? i have been called a "25$" guy which i think is the same thing and it pissed me off. i dont approach any potential customer and say "how much is that guy charging you" i dont approach any potential customers, period. if a person asks me "how much" i tell em. if you or any other lco think it is too low i cant help that. i carry insurance on my company and on my equipment. i play by the rules. i get fired and i get hired. if i think its a fair price than its my business, i am the one paying the bills. i see the guys with wal mart mowers and run down trucks. charging nothing. they have no overhead and a dim future. i also see Lco's with multiple crews charging alot more than i do. who's right? let it alone. you will sleep better.
  3. daysel

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    Without a contract, they aren't stealing crap from you. It's game.
    You need to step up your professionalism and worry about improving your business. Not ratting people out or trying to make it tuff for them. That's just lame.
    There is always going to be competition like that.
  4. derbydon

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    The only way to be safe from "lowballers" (which I define as rednecks (and I r 1) TOO STUPID to understand their own cost of doing business) who underbid you on small to average residential lawns is to: 1) build up your commercial base and 2) market aggressively in high end residential where the homeowner is more interested in quality of cut than price.

    Commercial customers require an annual certificate of insurance, WC, etc. Pay more reliably, and are more loyal. As a general rule, most purchasing agents are too busy to worry about getting multiple bids for lawn care each year if you do a good job.

    As an added benefit, commercial accounts are a tremendous opportunity for Full Maintenance Contracts, thereby providing year round income and act as hedge insurance against droughts.

    I'm still growing slow, with three employees + me and the need for a truck and a half (but sadly I can't find 1/2 a truck on ebay). But, I've added one FM account each year for the past 4 years and they make up 25% of my total revenue.

    And one more thing...I've found that experienced purchasing agents for large commercial accounts throw out bids that are way low because they know the clown doesn't have a clue. Don't be high, don't be low, Be Right!
  5. DoetschOutdoor

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    I dont even care anymore. Im so tired of seeing older men in suburbans, tahoes and other SUVs around here with a lowes ztr and dinky trailer is almost becoming funny. Every day I swear I see another "odd" looking rig that the guy must have just decided the night before he was going to start a lawn biz.
  6. woodbutcher44

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    Cry Me A Bucket Full. Than Call Your Mama She Will Pat You On The Head And Tell You Is Ok
  7. daysel

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    If someone is serious about their lawn, the name of your business alone would have some negative effect.
  8. TandM

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    Lowballers go away at the end of the season and come right on back.
  9. billslawn89

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    same here..LOL i seen last week, no joke, a old front wheel drive citation car hooked to a trailer with a home cheapo rider cutting a lawn on the way to my clients house...just shook my head and laughed...
  10. PROCUT1

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