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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by meets1, Apr 22, 2019.

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    Well like the title says. I do lawn care, snow removal, and landscape/design/own a nursery for myself and retail. We have a lot going as you guys may be aware off. Well this year already lost $50K in landscape jobs due to bidding against guys that have no clue. Today another call saying there budget was $10K. We were at $9790.00 Plants, 100 ft of composite fencing, bullet edgers, 38 ton of what we call over size rock (4-6 inch) and 2 rolls of 10 x 100 plastic. I get a screen shot saying there going with the other crew who I had no idea did this work and they bid out 20 ton of 2 inch rock, 1 roll of 4 mill plastic and $1600 of bushes of there choice. There bid, $9,690.00 They had $7600 of what they called labor. No fence, no edgers, and choice of bushes/plants. So alittle research and one guy is a banker by day and the other guy is an instructor at school. I know you guys will say I could of, should of, etc but I have dyna scapes software which is great. All my nursery prices are built in, and we forward that to quickbooks for a the report and print out plan and were off. I get tired of people like that. Over all it gives the true Professional a bad name/reputation, etc. The other bid we lost was a new house. These people told me well, your established, always looks like your parking lot is full, nice newer equipment so were going with these guys...blah blah blah. Last year I stopped returning calls to there clients. They would call me. I go out and visit not knowing who, what when where until I get there. Plants/bushes don't look good and I can see first hand that location of such bush is wrong yet everything looks new. So I ask, so if you guys did this, where ya get the plan or bushes, or how ya go about doing this. Well, truth usually comes out and well, we went with xyz crew. Bushes planted where they shouldn't be. To much sun, not enough sun, shade, height, etc. I try to sell ourselves but nope, I get the run around that there new, there young and I guess they have a lot to learn but the price was right so I'll deal with it. Then why call me!
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    Saw a homemade sign on a corner today . Any lawn mow and blow $20. Those are some hard up heroine addicts.
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    I've been underbid on retaining walls and patios basically since the economy crashed. It seems everyone that was out of work had a pickup was now a landscaper. I watched a wall I bid on and didn't get fall over in 18 months. I bid that wall at around $10,000 and the other guy was $6,000. He also wasn't around to fix his mess and I didn't want to fix it either. Hey, times are better now and if anything I hope you are charging a design fee for detailed estimates and plans.
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    Fees - yes if the person walks in but I say for a small fee and you purchase your nursery stock here. If we do the job, then no, that's kinda figured in. But it is always time, measure, talking, layout, estimating, then your out. I would hate to know the lost revenue in the past that we have planned, designed etc on all for the ppl to go elsewhere. Yes, times are changing!
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    Gigantic text wall
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    Hard to navigate and have a response
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    I see post like this all the time on FB. I probably wouldn’t have to look very hard to find 10 more. I see a dozen guys a day pulling some junk riding mower behind a pickup. My area is loaded with hacks.

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    I lost a driveway bid a while back. About 100 foot long and required cutting the high side down about 6” the whole length plus a hump in the middle plus cutting the topsoil off if you wanted to do it right. Some hack bid half of what I did and didn’t move any dirt at all. They just dumped the gravel on the ground and sorta spread it out.
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    There was a thread on here last month that half the posters thought they could wrap a chain around the bumper of the truck and Remove some small trees in 20 minutes.

    A couple guys thought they were the Incredible Hulk and would just rip them out like a carrot.

    A few other guys thought they didn’t have to dig up the existing roots and they could just put new plants right where they cut off the existing plant with a chain saw

    And none of them thought to include the price to go get new plants, soil, mulch (procurement)
    Never mind remember the fact that new plants were the whole point of “how much to charge for this in the first place”

    Very few people thought that ripping the plants out and their roots would damage the existing hardscape and weren’t worried about that what so ever.

    Almost all posters thought the job could be done for $200 or less.

    You’re posting at an audience that thinks wrapping a chain around a Chevy bumper is a horticultural technical term.
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    Nice perspective of the community.

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