Low ballers - weekend warriors - enough!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by meets1, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. AGLA

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    Nothing new. This is the way it has always been.
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  2. Mowing monkey.

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    Is this a better option than the pickup bumper? I like using my backhoe a lot more than a shovel.


  3. rippinryno

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    Nothing new. I would venture to say that these posts from professionals are now more annoying that the 20 buck mow guy. I see them so frequently and it never really serves to help. Lowballers exist, let them. This is what's so good about lawn care, name your price, sell your service.

    I personally have no problem with 20 buck guy, i'll refer him to the cheapo's i give estimates too, this town is loaded with them, i'm fine with it. Find properties that appreciate profesionalism, insurance, quality equipment and quality work. Those are the people you want.
  4. AGLA

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    You are correct. It is only a problem if you can't elevate to a higher clientele. … and no one started at the top, so today's low baller could become tomorrows high ender.

    When low ballers are a problem you have to ask yourself if they are taking your customers, or worse - that you are going after their customers, or much worse - their customers somehow think you might be a low baller that they want a price from. Always question yourself.
  5. OP

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    I know price yourself for the client. I range from the 5000 sq ft yard to 5-10 acre complexes up to 120 acre complex that we mow, spray, fert, etc. Landscape the from planting 1 bush for the 80 year lady to $100k projects...that is far and bt in my world but they do come around. So, when I see landscape plans that are just all wrong, way low on rock, cheap azz plastic, yet the client see's dollar bills. Obviously looking at today bc they spent all there money instead of looking at the next 15-20 years as an investment in there property. Today I get a call about bullet edgers. They want me to trench it, place them as they will do the rock work. Ok, I use anchor or versa lok bullets. I go and look tonight, wheel the house off as they have paint and hose out there. Lady says well, they are going to go to menards bc they buy 2, get 3rd free type of deal. I said, ok, but add 25% bc I crack that many if I drop them in the trench to hard. She said, oh..ok. People!
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  6. Capt J-rod

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    I do HVAC for a living and have 5 rental properties. My properties bring me to the forum because I do all my own maintenance. I never include any drawings, equipment sizes, or any breakdowns on my HVAC quotes. I used to but people were handing my quote to the other "bidders" and they were cutting my throat. My supply house called me back on a job to verify the ticket and I didn't get the job... The lazy SOB competition sent my quote for his job!!! My latest request is if I offer financing or 12mos same as cash... I had to start taking charge cards three years ago because I was losing too much business. It is a cut throat low bid world right now. It is why I have transitioned more into rentals and further from HVAC. I still have headaches, but at least my name is on the deed LOL.
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  7. Dirtylinus

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    Sell on quality if people want a low price the complaints will be priceless as they always are.
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  8. OakNut

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    Exactly. I'm not even going to try to read it.
  9. Chris DaMower

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    We have some tiny duplex lots where I live. Takes about 5 mins to mow and edge. I do them for $20. Show up in my Mitsubishi Lancer with my $220 edger, $99 weedwacker, $150 blower and $140 mower sticking out my trunk. So my ad says smallest yards as low as $20. If I could line up 100 of them in a row and go at it they would be my preferred lawn. Don't hate. The grass gets cut, the walks and curbs get edged and I'm making over $200 a day when I stay busy. If someone with a higher operating cost somehow cuts the grass better I'd like to know the reasoning. I don't try to undercut the competition but don't see a reason to overcharge these tiny duplex lots that I only mow half of that usually are the lawns of students. I mean really at $20 I'm getting $240/man hour. They are insainly profitable at that low price. My lowest price and best $$$.
  10. Doc8406

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    you'll never get that where i am at..
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