Low ballers - weekend warriors - enough!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by meets1, Apr 22, 2019.

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    You are trying to talk numbers with a senior student who is double major in mechanical and petroleum engineering. Good luck. You do not need expensive equipment, a trailer, or even a truck to be highly profitable in this business. You just need lawns that are ideal for your particualar equipment. There is no need for this heckeling and hating of low ballers and weekend warriors. If you do this full time you likelt have equipment that it is hardly worth hauling to one of these tiny cheap yards that you scoff at doing for $20. You could mow a $60 yard with minimal obsticals in about the same time it takes you to get your equipment on and off the trailer. Its a more common yard that is better suited to some people's more expensive equipment and crew. Say it takes 2 guys 7 mins to bust out this lawn, someone jumos on detail and blows while someone else mows with a $5000 mower. Bam there is a very common type of lawn that makes a well equiped outfit $257/man hour. It would take about the same time to do the small lot I do for $20 and is profitable for me but for them its an $85/hr lawn due to the fact that most of their time is spent loading and unloading equipment not mowing. So if we could all use our heads and think instear of feeling like you are being lowballed by some weekend warrior you would see actually they are just getti g the lawns that are profitable for their paeticualr set of equipment while the mower with another set up would rather just pass on that lawn or overcharge the client not realizing that the problem is actually that they have the wrong set of equipment and crew for that particualr yard to be profitable for them while the person working out of their car with a $140 push mower see it as a gold mine. Its not a addiction to heroin or dumb thinking. Its picking up a lawn that people with the wro g eqipment set up to do should probaly pass on for lawns that are more profitable for their particualr seg of equipment. If you want to do well in this business thats how you should do it. Keep lawns that you can effieciently cut with your crew and equipment. If I can do a lawn for $20 at $240 per man hour and you would have to charge more to make less go away and let the little guy have it. The mower equiped with an arsenal of riding mowers could go make a mint on a lawn that I would view as a nightmare with my $140 push mower. Its just logic and the application of this nifty tool called MATHMATICS.
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    You need a prius, ya that'a the ticket, ya. And a murry mower, ya that's the ticket, ya. You don't happen to type 150 words per minute do you?
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    Some paragraph formatting and time spent on basic grammar and spelling, combined with your mechanical and petroleum engineering degree, will make you a force to be reckoned with in the lawn maintenance world. Good luck and welcome to Lawnsite.
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    Using your mathematics, how much does it cost you to operate per hour?

    That would be commercial auto ins, general liability, fuel, maintenance, office supplies, materials, licenses, equipment, etc.
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    Engineer not a grammer nazi but figure out how to get sentence struture to help you mow lawn and that would be awsome. Can we stay on topic here.
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    Lol. I feel ya tho.
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    he did explain the "process", but was the answer really correct.. in common core, your process has to be correct in order for the answer to be correct..
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    Minion What.jpg
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    No but you do need reliable equipment.

    Outside of my truck I can equipped my lawn mowing route for just under $2,500. That's full on commercial equipment that will cut that route for many years. Oh and I charge more then $20 and laugh at the cheap guys who can't ever buy a new truck or equipment. But then again someone has to buy my used stuff when I'm done.

    I bet when you truly break down your costs and labor you'll see $20 lawns don't make anywhere near what you think. Replacement and repair is usually higher on light duty equipment when used heavy compared to commercial equipment. But then again I'm sure there is tons of other items your not including in your overhead cost. Just cause you already own them if you use it for business it's an added cost.

    I would hope that by the time you became a senior in high school. They would have taught you to use proper grammar and sentence structure, but now a days it seems they give everyone a degree.

    Your not related to Lori Loughlin by chance are you?

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