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Low Ballers

Nathan Robinson

LawnSite Senior Member
I understand what it means but I am curious as to where this came from. does anyone know? I have used it forever and have no clue as to where I first heard it. I am in the process of inventing a new word for low ballers? Any ideas? all suggestions will be appreciated and I will have the new word by 2marrow evening for all of us. DONT WORRY, IT WILL BE GOOD!


LawnSite Senior Member
Ah yes the term "low baller" comes from the ancient Greek times, actually during the final collapse of the Mycenaean civilization around 1100 BC that marked the end of the Aegean Bronze Age. This period was of severe economic and cultural depression, even though this was the breakthrough of the Herm Head era (around the 5th century B.C.). But getting to the point of this all, the sub-servants who worked under Silenos rein would shoot balls they made from local quarries. They shot the balls into this ring and the lowest accumulated points during the time it took Silenos to consummate the “lucky Bride”, would have his wife as a true unbroken virgin. As for the rest, well it was good to be Silenos…well until at least Euphronios found out what he was up to, which led to a centauromachy.
As for a new word I say equal rights and my balls have been low long enough, My vote is for the word Clitimayaned, which originated durring the...Ah I won't bore you with the history behind this legendary "phrase"

Phonetically sp= Clit-i-my-and

Used in a sentenence "That Nathan Clitimayaned me on the bid for the Vietnamese woman of the night"


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
LOL! Boats,...you have my vote for my lifeline on who wants to be a millionaire! Better yet,...let's just send YOU to go on Jeopardy! What a great post!!!