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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mattslawns, May 11, 2012.

  1. OakNut

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    Hey, thanks for the linky. It didn't convince me initially because the linked page doesn't "say" much, but when I clicked on the "FAQ", I do see where it says that a business CAN sign up.

    What it says on the main site...

    That's a bit misleading. It implies what I've assumed and stated previously.
    Sneaky wording is what it really is.

    Thanks though. The more I know about Angie's List, the more I realize it's just a business with "profit" as their first priority. The "we help people" thing is a distant second.
  2. Duekster

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    I registered some time ago. I followed the link too. It seems Angie has loosened up a little.
  3. birddseedd

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    people actually use angies list?
  4. Duekster

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    good question. I think that is part of the reason Angie is now providing more tools to contractors to get their clients to long on to Angie and file a report.
  5. PerfectEarth

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    Absolutely. I gave them my Quickbooks customer list (to cross-reference with their members) to start the process of getting reviews coming in.... and I was amazed at who was a member.

    I think it's the new BBB... more easy to navigate and a bit more "younger customer" friendly.

    I'm a member myself. And OakNut, you're right about the 'business' end of Angie's List. They are always hitting me up for advertising stuff, calls and e-mails all the time cause I have good reviews and they try to sell you on "front page placement." Well, my goal was to get on the front page in Louisville with a number of REVIEWS that I've sought out for the most part, and it worked, for free. lol... so I'm not going to pay you for additional stuff. Maybe one day.
  6. birddseedd

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    theres a lot on a busy street. im going to see if i caint get a hold of the person and see about putting up a billboard in return for me mowing it for free. i dunno how well it will go over with them
  7. Duekster

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    check city ordinances
  8. birddseedd

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  9. Adeas Printing

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    I know you mentioned that you have a hard time going door to door, but if you decided to try some door hangers, check out A'Deas Printing.. We have some specials going on right now. We have some innovative ideas and products that help with your advertising. If going door to door is not your thing you could look into doing a direct mail piece. We offer that service as well.. We can help you get a mailing list according the an area(s) you want to target and also help design a post card to have mailed. If you would like any info or pricing let me know! Feel free to call or email, My name is Glenda
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  10. georgialawn88

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    get 10,000 post cards made. get 10,000 baggies. get 10,000 rocks. put them together on the back of your pickup truck. get a lawn chair in ur truck. have your wife/girlfriend drive at a slow pace through subd. you can put out 5,000 in a day. real fast you just toss them out your truck on there drive. 10k flyers in 2 days. calls got to come in! make a nice post card!! people will call.

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