Low Cost Fert "Franchise"?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by roscioli, Jul 16, 2001.

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    Roscioli, I understand. Yet it seems to me that CL's reputation precedes me :) so I don't have to do the work. They've already done it for me. ;)
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    "Chuck, you
    help me organize this, and you are in!"

    Seems to me that since your using my site, server, space, community, advertising $$ I spend to build this community, $$ I spend on technician fees to keep this community going..... I might already be helping to organize this.

    Chuck Keough
  3. how much advertising do you think $20 will get you no matter how many people are in

    we are in seprate states and areas $20 that will get you a sign in the bottom of a mop bucket 1 sign

    I don't mean to put you down but i have countless hours on this project

    I have, actually I have been working on this for 4 years so I have a little head start

    I also have a few clients that are marketing specialists, and are willing to help me, and you if you guys are interested

    I have done most of the leg work and have looked into many of the franchises out there and found that nothing is worth getting into without either a lot of investment, or a conflict of interest, or both

    see I found a chemical supplier that is wanting to expand, which that will benefit both parties

    as far as paying fee's for a franchise, I don't need that
    the advertising fee would be based on ad. in your secured area for you "alliance" (I wouldn't use that)

    any ways I guess I have to get in touch with Chuck and discuss what would be the best way to use LS and other links before we can go any further

    more info will follow

    as far as using the LCO name you already have, will not be a conflict of interest, nor an Alliance

    It's time for the little guys to get their realy big bite of the $1,000,000,00 a year indistry

    thanks for reading the "LAWNGODFATHER"
    I wasn't givin this nick-name just for computers or the internet

  4. see you think about money

    this is a time project, not money

    while you are sitting at home on the computer thinking about how to do this you could be filling out mailers to send out to future customers, so could I, but I can't handle any more at this time
    remember this is a good way to get you part timers full time

    see a lot of you guys sit at home asking others how to expand your biz, while you could be doing that
    you don't think about the things you should think about or the ways to be doing just that

    I am pretty sure I am not the best liked on this site, but I have already made the biz. mistakes you haven't even thought of yet
    and try to supply the best possable answer to you questions

    yes it will take some money, but not at this time

    I have looked at almost every possible way to expand and or advertise
    when I get a new customer I ask he or she how they heard about me
    hopefully it will help for future advertising

    but we are talking about a different subject here

    obviously I have a couple of interests in doing this project or I wouldn't be typing this on a DIFFERENT THREAD

    the proper way to do this is not put CL out of biz. It is to consentrate on gettting name recognition for our own name and market it

    what would work the best for us would be organizing

    belive me there is more to be made and less competition in this than mowing at this present time

    well that's all for now. I will see some of you guys in KY this weekend

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    Also, while we're at it, a question. If someone is to form an "alliance" or a type of union or organization of sorts, then what would prevent CL from JOINing this organization? Can you imagaine what their attorneys would be researching about discrimination in preparation for this? They would obviously meet all the standards, safety or whatever else.
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    We just can't stay out of trouble, can we? This whole thing smacks of trouble to me. I usually go with my gut instinct and what it's telling me about this, as I understand the goal, is that the tables can be turned on you real quick. While it's true that there is power in numbers, coming together like this just makes a bigger target. I am probably a bit biased, as I tend to want to avoid anything that smacks of allying myself to another's business, since then I'm also allied with their reputation, which I can't control.

    You guys have fun.
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    I think many of you are missing what he is trying to say. No one can put Chemlawn out of business except for themselves. This idea can help you as a lawn care business grow in size by offering a new service with a national name. If all franchisees had to give a percentage of their sales to a advertising cost and find new ideas there would be a great deal of benefits. Think about it, why does anyone buy into franchises, "because they know they are going to get a certain amount of business without doing a thing." There is not a doubt that you personally make your business work, buy advertising is the key. People are more likely to go to a burger king than a " Joes Burgers" I have experience with franchises and I can tell you that they are much more profitable than owning your private company. Of coarse exceptions do happen!!
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    There is somebody, somewhere, associated with the company you are talking about laughing at this whole idea, I think I'm laughing along with them. What makes any of you think that being associated with one another here and getting together to form some kind of alliance is going to be beneficial to you. Why would I want to be associated with someone from California, or Texas, or South Carolina, or Wisconsin for that matter,or wherever, that I don't even know or have seen. What is their work ethic like? How much do they know about fertilizing and weed control? How much do they know about running a business? How long have they been in business? How long will they be in business? What do I look like to others when people read the paper and see that " Joe Blow lawn company " burned another lawn in another state, and that I belong to that conglomeration. No thanks, we already have companies like that. Like it or not, there are probably people on here I would not be associated with, and maybe they feel the same about me. Do you know that 80% to 90% fail within the first year of starting a lawncare/landscape business. Check with a finance officer and they will give you the statistics. The fact of being a huge corporation to get buying power is not the issue. It's delivering quality results and professionalism. It's nice to come here to look and listen, but that's about it. I personally feel I need to learn many things about lawns and it really wouldn't be fair to others to be considered part of the alliance or whatever you want to call it. Who would meet the criteria anyways? And what would it be? Anybody that belongs to LawnSite? Yeah, that would be good. I guess that's what's great about this country, we are all entitled to our opinion. Good luck with your endeavor!
  9. Real experienced LCO's do not need your help. Franchises are for dumb start-ups that can't figure it out on their own and need to be led around like a dog on a leash.
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    Geez stone, I should've taken your approach, it would've taken me a fraction of the time typing.

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