Low Cost Fert "Franchise"?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by roscioli, Jul 16, 2001.

  1. hey i looked in to franchises and decided to put mt $240,000 in this biz
  2. Did you mean to write genius? If so thanks for the nice comment.

    Now since you have been dumbed down by NEA union thugs in public school let's brush up on your math skills.

    If Stone's gross is X what is 100% of X?

    So X minus X = Y which will always be a constant of 0 (zero).

    So in conclusion what I meant by that remark was that your are NO LCO just another clueless teenage impostor that infects this forum in the summer months.

    How do you expect to run a successful business if you can not write English or do simple math?
  3. lawnboy

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    546 Phoenix St. South Haven MI, 49090, It will be open in 4.5 weeks, I just bought into the franchise. Like I said you are so professional. I'm not sure why you think I'm a teenager, I'm 22. And have a degree In business at Grand Valley State. I'm not sure who the guy you are talking about is, but I bet my partner does, he is the one who went to Atlanta. Nice try though. Looks like your the one flipping hamburgers!!
  4. bubenberg

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    i think as you can see under the other thread ... Buying Power ... is what we are looking for ... many other poeple who worked for me or with me at that company have gone head to head and do very well .... another smaller group have sold their grasss and lawncare business to chemlawn AT A PROFIT

    Buing power ...... and i know someone is going to say ....here he goes again is: buying from Lesco like Chemlawn does at a deeep .........D E E E E E E E P discount.

    you take care of your business as you care and with the necessary state liscences etc....

    JUST BUYING POWER ... NO great admin. sitting around waiting for the paper work to get to their desk.

    UNION ....what is the rest of this american quotation?
  5. roscioli

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    Stone- You got me on the spelling, I guess you must have attended a fancy little private school.
    As for the clueless teenager remark, close. I am 20, and am on Lawnsite to learn, not to harass people. I think that most people on this website would commend me for that, but I guess for some reason you don't. "If Stone's gross is X what is 100% of X?
    So X minus X = Y which will always be a constant of 0 (zero). "
    And what would X + X be Stone? Because I am pretty sure it would be the same as 2X, meaning twice X. And since X equal my gross, hmmm... One thing not to challenge me on is algebra. Your little equation made absolutely no sense, and had nothing to do with what I originally said. BUT, I am officially ending this petty little "fight", out of respect for everyone else on Lawnsite, especially Chuck, for wasting their time reading this, and wasting the server space.
    NOW as for a response that has something to do with this THREAD:
    YardBoy: "I'd rather see an ACTIVE and "recognized by the general public" organization" That is really what I wanted by originally posting this thread. I personally think it could be more productive (I think ANYTHING is more productive) when run by 1 person, rather than a group. Groups tend to bicker and argue, while one person can make decisions without arguing. Buying power is the key, but national recognition (which would happen eventually) is also crucial.
    IN MY OPINION, there is way too much arguing on this website about whether or not this would be productive, and worthwhile. I am not going to try it anymore, and would prefer to end this thread, close it if possible. It has started too much bickering.
  6. Scraper

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    This thread ranks up there with the kid who wanted to sell lawn service like AOL. $19.95 a month...LOL

    No way in you know what any of this could fly. Sign up all your current lawn customers to your fertilization program and you'll have enough to keep your wallet full....that is unless all you want to do is fert then you'll eventually do just what you complain about TG-CL doing...

    Roscioli...I believe you started the bickering by your inane responses...
  7. roscioli

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    Scraper- Thank you, and now I am ending the bickering.
  8. bubenberg

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    Dont' you guys think we are able to get together like the car detailers did and get a discount of 10 to 20% on the basic product ....chemlawn, lawn doctor franchises and branches have the same system with lesco they are self contained profit centers.

    let the car detailers 180 members put us to shame that they can negotiate a discount and our much larger membership cant'

    have a hart

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