Low Down on Ford Trucks, right from the factory.

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  1. GeoffDiamond

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    Ok, This link is for truck upfitters and body builders. It has information on electrical connections, and specs on trucks. From reading it, I found out that Ford uses the 5200 LBS front axel.


  2. plowking35

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    For what truck Geoff?
    And is there a restriction on plowing for different cab body styles?
    I know you have answered in the past, but do you have any info direct from ford?
  3. GeoffDiamond

    GeoffDiamond LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Maine
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    Yes those are the exact answers from Ford. It will tell you what cabs and engine combos can have plow packages, and if they are recomended for plowing. Also states the amount of people that should be in the cab while plowing.

    All ford trucks

  4. thelawnguy

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    Anyone have info on the Royal truck body supposedly sold thru Ford dealers? Sounds nice but have yet to see one.
  5. zigler

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    ROYAL body, from calif, is under contract to supply a service body / dump combo to american body company (a.b.c.). a.b.c. is a truck pool, thus the royal body will show up in the truck dealer's lots. there are a numerous divisions in a.b.c., including independence truck (outside wash d.c.) and liberty truck body (in south n.j.).

    this body is heavy without a load, so buy a good truck with enough rating in the axles and springs and a set of b---s.

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