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Does anyone know which brand of blowers, edgers, and string trimmers has the lowest noise output?


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it seems that to get less quite equitment you would have to sacrafice power? is that right? Have you tried hearing protection? thats always an option.


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The Shindaiwa handheld blower has a 67dbA rating and the EB480 backpack has a 69dbA rating. I think most manufacturers have some type of low noise equipment.

Richard Martin

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I recently aqquired a Echo PB46LN blower which had a 65db noise rating. The machine was very heavy, around 25 lbs. Since I wear hearing protection and we have no max noise regs here I removed all of the sound deadening from the machine. It is now under 20lbs.
If you want a quiet blower, go with Solo's new model Model 470 . The Solo company invented the backpack blower back way when, but shindiawa, redmax, sthil are better known products. The Solo does have some quite impressive numbers for a quiet blower.

As toddman35 was saying or asking, when you go to quiet models, you do sacrafice some power. The technology however is catching up.

In my area that I work, more cities are either making new ordinances about how much noise your machine can make or banning them outright. If noise is an issue in your area, i would compromise and go with the quiet models. I can tell you that I will never go back to the most powerful models unless their noise level is at the 62db that my toro is.


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I have a shindaiwa eb480. Its quiet, but its like using a toy compared to my eb630. Wear ear protection.

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