Low Ph


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SW Missouri
I am renovating a lawn next week. I received the results of the soil sample. Ph 4.4!! The lawn area is under 3 large Pin Oak trees. The recommendation was to apply 195 pounds of lime per 1000 square feet. I know I can't put that much down at one time.
What would be the best series to follow in the renovation of this lawn?
I sprayed parts early this week with round up to kill off the junk.


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P & K look good. At the bottom right it should say "Lime LBS/M", then below, it says 195 and lime type which would be Mg or Ca. Mg is the cheap stuff at Home Depot, Ca is the $4.00 a bag stuff at Lesco. With what you sent me I would guess it says Mg, not Ca.

I took a test in April, check out these results:
Ph: 6.8 :cool:
P: 7 :eek:
K: 125 :eek:


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