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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by lehrjetmx, May 23, 2008.

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    Got a call this moring from a customer that his system (one we didn't install) has about 20 broken heads. He tells me its the same heads he has sprayed wd-40 on and the water is coming out from the top of the heads. Nice!!!! So we go.... Indeed the water is coming from the wiper seals all RB's 5000. The heads aren't even coming up out of the ground. We check all the valves everything is open backflow preventor all is good. Lets take some pressure readings now. We got a whooping 37 psi and 7.75 gpm not good. I take a look at the nozzles now and see 5 rotors with #3 nozzles let me see 13.73gpm. The home owner tells me the system just stop working the other day!!!!! Installed 4 years ago!!!!! City water by the way.
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    I don't know know about all that. What I do know is your avatar still freaks me out!
  3. lehrjetmx

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    Pretty much how I felt yesterday when my bank called me to tell me one of my customers bounced a $400 check to me!!!!!
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    Strategically snip a wire. Paybacks' a beeotch.
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    make it the common.
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    Unscrew all the solenoids just enough that they all come on at the same time when the MV opens.
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    I know this thread is a few days old, but maybe you still haven't found a solution. I had a similar problem this year w/ a system I installed about 3 years ago. It turned out that the meter was "stopped up" resisting flow. After calling the Water Company they came out to check there end and sure enough found a clogged meter. My PSI was only 42 a little lower than what I typically see.
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    Well, something had to have changed. I mean, I don't suppose he's lying. No reason to. And I don't suppose the irrigator who installed the system initially installed a system that never worked properly. Even with the nitwits I see in this industry, I still find that a stretch. So something has to have changed.

    First, I would want to diagnose things a little more. Is the water pressure low everywhere? Or just on the irrigation system? I would hook up a pressure tester and flow meter to a water faucet on the house and see if I got the same reading. If pressure at the house is good then there's something wrong with the irrigation main line, backflow, main shut-off valve or something. If the water pressure at the house is also extremely low than the next thing I'd check is the water meter itself. It could be partially closed or something. That would be my first guess. I'd also check for a main gate valve on the main water line to the house and if I found one, make sure it was all the way open. I'd also be looking for a pressure-reducer somewhere around the water meter or where the water main line comes into the house or something - and make sure it was wide open.

    If I eliminated all of those things, then there is either a problem with the water meter or they've added so many new homes in that neighborhood that his water pressure has been permanently reduced to a ridiculously low level.

    If I was at this point, I'd be on the phone with the water purveyor asking them what the pressure and flow should be. They should be able to tell you right on the spot or call you back within a few minutes with that info. If they tell you the water pressure and flow should be much higher then I'd say, "Well, you need to get someone out here then because we're not getting anywhere near that."

    Hope that helps.

    BTW, that Avatar is messed up!
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    Start with the water meter...halfway off/on because of a plumbing repair?

    Maybe this guy didn't pay someone and there is a pingpong ball in his backflow.....not that I've ever done that. Fits perfect in 1 inch btw....poke pinholes in ball first.....
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    GREAT advice here!!! I have a contractor who owes me $$$$ and won't pay!

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