low pressure rainbird pga valve troubles

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by greasemonkey, Jun 28, 2002.

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    has anybody had any trouble with raindbird 1.5" pga valves. I've been using them on most commercial installations for a while now, and they seem to work really well, but I've got a couple at a recent install that have been giving me trouble. They're extremely slow to close, and sometimes do not close at all. I realise that rainbirds in general are slower closers than Irritrol's. but this is intollerable, twice I've had to go back to this job to deal with a stuck open valve...my boss is pissed and so is the customer. I've disassembled both of the valves, and there is no evidence of dirt or contamination. Today, when I went out to the job to deal with the valves, I was able to get them to shut by closing off the flow control, and then re-opening it. The valves then both opperated normally, albeit slowly from both the pit and the controller. I feel that there is a possiblilty that these valves are not perfroming correctly because of low dynamic pressure in the system. The two zones giving me trouble have the two highest flow rates of all the zones in the system. Also, After running for 20-30 minutes, the pressure tank is likely to be depleted. I suspect that the well is not performing according to the well spec sheet provided to us by the customer. Do you guys think that the low presure would be the cause of the slow closing, sometimes never closing valves?...I told the customer to get the well checked as I can't believe that its putting out 55 gpm......
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    What kind of pressure is the system running at after 20,30, 60 minutes? Does it look crappy? If not, I don't think that ias your problem.

    The older Richdel/Irritrol valves 216/217 were alwasy slow closers. Factory recomendations were to crank down the flow control till performance diminished visually. Then you were to back off the flow control 1 full turn. May be worth a try.

    I've used the RainBird PE series valves since they have come out and always been very happy with their performance.

    I would imagine that RB has never heard of this, your the first, ...

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