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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Gravel Rat, Apr 18, 2003.

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    Hi guys I have been thinking about getting a used lowpro right now I'am using a 89 F-Superduty with 7.3 N/A and the truck is turning out not so good. I had a gasser F-Superduty and it had more power and it burned about the same amount of fuel as my diesel.

    I bought a diesel because I thought I would get better MPG and its not so the truck is underpowered and sucks back diesel fuel like a big block gasser. I'am kinda PO'ed I thought 7.3s were good on fuel I knew the N/A versions were a bit piggy for power and need a turbo.

    I sure made a mistake getting rid of my gasser I'am finding out it was almost cheaper to run :rolleyes:

    The reason I'am running a F-Superduty is I can use it for a daily driver aswell but I might have to change that and have another vehical for a daily.

    What I use my truck for is general contracting I haul lumber, trash, sand and gravel but the thing is I need a truck that can be loaded by hand. I was told with a lowpro you can't use them for offroad use I'am not doing hardcore offroad I go into construction sites where the access roads are rough and I'am concerned about hanging up.

    The wheelbase of the truck would have a 84" Cab axle or a 161 165 WB so I would only be running a 12 foot dump deck on it I don't want the truck any longer than a F-450, this way I can still fit into the tighter spots.

    Heres my questions would I see much better MPG I know I would try find a International with either 466 power or if it comes to it DT-360 power the transmission would probably be a 6spd.

    What can a lowpro legally pack for weight I would plan on no more than 4 ton 5 at the most this would be only when you pack sand and gravel.

    My last option would be togo to a F-350 4x4 this way I can use the truck for a daily driver and a work truck I can't pack as much weight as a 450.

    I actually need 4 wheeldrive if I went to a lowpro I would probably have to try convert it to 4wheel or put a locker in the rear diff. I don't use the truck for plowing the 4 wheeldrive is to navigate the driveways around here most of them are dirt and some of them are steep.

    So what do you think a guy should do ?

    If I do go to a 350 I won't beable to carry as much but I'am hoping the mileage will be better especially when the truck is being my daily. I can stick with the F-Superduty it does pack more weight but it burns more fuel and its not 4wheeldrive or I can go with a lowpro it will carry more weight might get better MPG. I run into the traction problem with the lowpro being 2wd and I won't beable to use the truck for a daily driver.

    If I keep running the F-Superduty I can't raise the rate of the truck to cover the extra fuel costs as people won't pay anymore than 1 ton rate of 35 bucks per hour. The customer benefits because the truck can pack 2000lbs more than a 1 ton so where it would take 2 trips with a 1 ton I can do it in one.

    What I'am concerned about is doing a short trip with a real heavy load where I can't charge anymore than a 1hr and the truck guzzles back 15 dollars of fuel

    I really don't know what todo :confused:
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    gravel rat,

    What are the local bylaws where you live? Around here it is liscenced GVW of 5499 or less I believe (it may be 4999). Anything below is legally parked. Why not buy a 450 or 550 powerstroke and insure it for the maximum allowable GVW according to your local bylaws? The truck may be underrated for what you want but at least if there are rare times that you are over it, the truck will be nowhere near capacity. I have a 350 with a dumper on the back with no problems so far. My plows in the back of my carport are another story though :rolleyes: . The 99 F350 with a 6 speed gets around 385-425 kilometers to a tank working and pulling a load ALL the time. Our landscape trailer loaded weighs over 4000 pounds.

  3. landscaper3

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    We have the Powerstroke diesel, pickup and dumps we get 20mpg on pickups and 16-17 mpg on dump trucks all 4x4 and 4x6's. The powerstroke is much more efficent, higher load capacity, towing capacity and powerful then the old I.D. motors.
  4. Gravel Rat

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    The truck I have now is a F-450 and the lowest I can register the truck is 5715kgs I'am under the annual MVI but I'am only legal for 4800lbs.

    I need 4 wheeldrive I did a job today that was just doable in 2wd I almost got stuck and I get alot of those jobs where you are pushing your luck.

    If I had the money I would love to buy a F-550 4x4 diesel but thats not gonna happen any time soon and converting a F-Superduty into 4 wheel drive is big $$$$.

    I know a F-350 4x4 isn't gonna haul the same amount of weight but the only real time the truck is over loaded is hauling sand or gravel. With my lumber hauling jobs I don't need to haul as much right now I'am only getting 1 ton rate for a 1.5 ton truck so the customer is benefiting and I'am sort of loosing.

    I do rubbish removal also and with a 12x8 deck with 2 foot sides its pretty hard to overload the truck I never could get my old F-350 past 5500kgs.

    If I get a F-350 I will license it for 5500kgs I'am under the DOT rules and I'am fully covered with insurance and I'am legal to haul any goods.

    People have been telling me to stick with the old IDI motors but I don't think a older PSD is that scary to own :D

    The 7.3 IDI N/As are just not enough power for B.C.s hills in my area its all hills you walk out the door of the house your on a hill I'am not impressed with the 7.3s power.

    I have driven lots of Strokes from F-250 4x4s to F-550s 2wds the 2002 F-550 I drove occasionally would out run my 89 F-Superduty anyday and the 550 is 1300lbs heavier.

    My question is I'am I gonna be that disapointed with a 92-96 F-350 4x4 Reg cab 161 wheelbase with 12x8 dumping flatdeck on it I know my max load is gonna be 5000lbs instead of 7000lbs with a F-Superduty.

    Like I meantioned before this is my daily driver too and I do want to travel to Vancouver without DOT hassels, Scales and brake checks.
  5. GeoffDiamond

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    Just buy something, anything is better than what you have now if you don't like it.

    As far as your biz goes, buy a 1/2 ton pick up to drive back and forth from work. A break down and buy a 7 yard to do your trucking jobs with.

  6. HarryD

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    the newer 7.3's are much more fuel efficient then the older style 7.3 like your running.
  7. stang358

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    Don't get me wrong, I am a Ford man, but they don't offer a Cummins until you get into the larger trucks. And it is the same engine that I have in my Dodge 3500. I have a flatbed on it and am looking into getting a slide in dumper for it. I generally get 17 mpg loaded fully in the bed (2 pallets of just about anything) and 7k lbs trailer behind. I get about 20 mpg unloaded. When pulling my 5th wheel camping trailer I average almost 15 mpg. Kinda hard to beat it.

  8. landscaper3

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    7.3 Powerstokes came in 1995 to present, pre 95's were Internation diesels and less power. This truck has the powerstroke diesel and are located in Maine very hilly, we haul a 3 yard sander in winter and a 9' plow and still pulls awsome!!!!! We get 16mpg in city!

  9. Shadetree Ltd

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    Gravel Rat,

    Here are some real numbers for you. My 99 F350 PS 6 spd 4X4 cost $30,000 + tax cdn 2 years ago with 120,000 km. It has an 8' Omaha steel dump with scissor lift. I was working out of it the day I bought it. The truck empty, with a full tank of gas, no passenger and the mounting brackets for an 8' Fisher V-Plow weighs in at 4175 kg. The door jamb is stamped a GVWR of 5699kg. The last week I had an average of 500 pounds of refuse in the back and never unhooked from our trailer (18' enclosed weighing in around 4500 pounds) and it used 90.7 litres of diesel for 375 km. 90% of my driving is city start and stop. Hope these numbers help with your decision.

  10. Shadetree Ltd

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    Here is a pic


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