low rpm's in kaw


Just got my mower out of the barn and cleaned it up for spring. It has a year old 14 hp kaw. The rpm's don't get any higher than 2200 and average at 1700.<br>Last summer they were 3000-3500.<br>They mower seems to have no power.<br>what is wrong?


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Since you only have to worry about three things with any engine work it out this way. Air (crun it without filters at first) Electrical (if its getting spark and running it probably not this) and gas (the most likely area of concern. Drain your carb bowl and clean it out with gum out. Check your fuel filters/replace. Make sure that you don't have any clogs in your fuel lines. Sounds like you are starving for fuel normally caused by clogged filters or line. If the engine runs rough it may be gum and varnish in your carb which will require a rebuild and cleaning. I have to assume that you drained or treated the fuel in the machine when you stored it. If not skip to last item and fiqure on carb clean and/or rebuild

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