Low spots, not enough soil?


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Vancouver, BC
Question guys,

I have this one customer, when it rains, her little patch of grass between 2 garden beds are soaking wet, muddy.

(garden bed) ||||||| (garden bed)


This part gets muddy and all wet when it rains, she has a little patch in the rear when you open the gate similiar thing happens.

I was wondering, what would you guys suggest how to fix it? I suggested to her;

I bring in 1 yard of topsoil, dump it on the spot (I think its low or not level, or not enough soil??.) I spread the topsoil over the low spot, metal rake it and even it out, then apply grass seed.

I was thinking about doing this method to the 2 patches and she has some low spots in the rear yard as well; so I will be adding topsoil to the lowspots, level it with ametal rake and then apply grass seed and put burlap over the patches where I applied grass seed..

What do you guys think?


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Listen, you need to make sure that by filling in area's that you think are low that you dont create a problem somewhere else. I.E. you push the water somewhere else on the property.

French drain or underdrain perforated pipe might be a better solution, given the problem isn't that the lawn isn't graded correctly.