Low vibration trimmer options (Joint pains in hand)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gslice, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. gslice

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    I've been mowing for 7 years and mostly trim full time with a Sthil FS250. It never used to bother me but I have started to get arthritic type joint pains across my entire trigger hand and as of lately experience numbness in my pinky finger.

    The next day I'll wake up and my joints will be so swollen my fingers will open half way and lock/pop until I massage them. Never had any problem the first 5 years of my job but once I hit 30 it seems the little things are catching up with me.

    I've started using the included shoulder strap to reduce weight on the trigger hand as well as Mechanix gloves but it's getting to the point I can't go on and cripple myself. I'm seeking suggestions for low vibe trimmers or different trigger mounts so I can continue on with my job.
  2. brndn

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    You sure it's from vibration? Or just constantly putting your hand in the same position?
  3. B&SFTW

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    I was having troubles with vibration related numbness when using my trimmer for long periods of time. some things that helped are using the shoulder strap, impacto anti vibe handle wrap


    oregon supertwist platinum gatorline (it vibrates a lot less than other lines).
  4. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I tell you what, of all the equipment I use, that danged string trimmer causes the most damage. I have suffered from deQuervains tendonitis (thumb tendon) each offseason, painful as heck. Its due to using the ol trimmer.
  5. J & D Greens

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    I find I have the same issues my hands cramp up (especially after the day is done), but I feel it has more to do with dehydration from the heat and lack off proper fluids, I find it helpful to eat bananas to supplement potassium. I don't look forward to 100 degree temps.
  6. dutchacres

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    I have been having hand issues as well. 5 years ago when I was sharpening blades I went to sticks a jack stand under the mower and it fell off the jack and smashed my hand between the stand and mower deck. It crushed part of my hand so badly they had to take bone from other parts to fix my hand plus I have a plate and a bunch of screws. For the last few years it has not really bothered me once I got back into the grove the pain would go away. Well late last season and this season so far my hand has been killing me and I know the trimmer was what was doing it. I have been running trimmers in the 28cc range for a long time because I can't stand waiting on the trimmer to cut. I just picked up a 26cc Kawasaki trimmer to see if it would help. I ran stihl fs90r before and this unit is 2.5 lbs lighter and seems to have less vibration. I have heard the husqvarna trimmer are supposed to be very nice as well. I think weight and vibration are both enemies to both our issues.
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  7. easy-lift guy

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    Repetive motion injuries or HAVS " hand arm vibration syndrome " sound like the likely causes for your painful symptoms. Other than keeping yourself well hydrated and taking ibuprofen at the end or beginning of your day, I would suggest trying and using the
    Easy-Lift Harness. The origins of the ELH lead back to the orinigal inventor suffering with
    CPS, carpal tunnel syndrome. Since the ELH has been designed to lift up to 100% of an implements weight and transfer the kinetic energy thru out the back pack frame work,the amount of stress and strain incurred is significantly reduced. Work smarter, not harder.
    easy-lift guy
  8. wegomow

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  9. B&SFTW

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    the easy lift harness is more for pruners, hedge clippers, or pole saws, not trimmers.
  10. easy-lift guy

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    B&SFTW, I guess you have never trimmed Miles of Ditches and Swales like I have with the ELH!. As far as the cost is concerned, it is relative to how much more productive you will be and for the first time being in complete control of the implement your using. In the right hands the ELH can pay for
    it's self in a days work. Proudly made in the USA.
    Ted Scovitch
    Easy-Lift Products International Inc
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