Low vibration trimmer options (Joint pains in hand)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gslice, Jun 1, 2012.

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    try swapping hands every now and then. if i'm ever trimming like a steep bank that requires a good bit of trimming i use my normal left hand on the trigger and right hand on the handle for a bit and then i change to right hand on the trigger and left hand on the handle for awhile. i guess i'm just used to doing things with both hands. when i worked at an auto plant i started out painting with only my right hand. carpal tunnel symptoms soon set in so i gradually learned how to paint with my left hand as well. you wouldn't believe how much of a difference that makes. i was able to just swap hands over and over throughout the day and that made all the pain go away. anything done the same way over and over is bad for your body. it will gradually breakdown from overuse. the key is to constantly change it up as much as possible. it will feel awkward at first but with practice you will get as good with your left hand as you are with your right hand or vice versa. anything you can do with one hand you can do with the other. it just takes a little time to adjust. before long you can do it with either hand.
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    it mostly shows on your website it being used for overhead equipment. it only mentions in a couple places being used for a trimmer. I'm not saying it won't work for a trimmer, and if you use it for pruners, ect... I see using it also for your trimmer. However, for your average 8-14LB trimmer, I don't see much of an advantage over a shoulder harness that costs a fraction the cost of the elh. I may not have done miles of ditches, but I've done entire hills, long driveways, big lawns, and long stretches of edging. I've done them both with and without a shoulder strap. I definitely will never own/operate another trimmer without a strap/harness (except maybe a tiny curved shaft trimmer, for a short period of time). the problem here is vibration and hand fatigue.

    vibration needs to be dealt with a little differently, IMO. I had a vibration problem, too, until I used my strap, some anti vibe wrap, and now a different line. while the strap helps, it doesn't stop the VIBRATION. that's where the wrap and line come in. I also like the wrap because it makes the loop handle bigger around, so it fits in my hand better. it's also soft and feels good to hold onto. it honestly helps improve the overall ergonomics of the trimmer, imo.
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    I don't work on our maint crew BUT I will say this:
    while I don't have one of his harnesses we do have a backpack-style string trimmer and they're much more enjoyable to use. I'm sure the harness would produce similar benefits. Also check out a honda trimmer, I recently bought on and think it runs a bit smoother.
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    You want low vibration trimmer, get ones with Honda GX25 or GX35 engines. Honda have these trimmers. Also, Husqvarna 224 or 324LDx both use the Honda GX25 engine.

    Honda engine is silk smooth. I have the big Honda HHT31 trimmer, it is so smooth and quiet and easy starting. I used it for a while before I got a smaller and lighter Shindaiwa M242. When I first use the Shindaiwa, I thought something wrong with the trimmer because it felt like a vibrating machine!!! I went back to the dealer and tried a few, it was normal. It's the Honda that is so smooth and lack of vibration.

    Husqvarna trimmer is lighter, if you get the 324LDx, you can buy other attachment like hedge trimmer etc. Husky is known for the ruggedness and reliability.
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    I agree, if you buy new, go for something notoriously smooth. but you CAN make your existing trimmer more pleasant to use. also, I'm looking into getting a double shoulder strap harness, as the single one I have the pad migrates. but the double straps are only like $30.
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    My web site does have a limit of pages and your assumption that because there are not enough pictures or videos present can be excused due to your age and experience. That being said, unlike other Two and Four point
    harnesses on the market the ELH is truly the only brand that does not pull the operator forward. Nothing else on the market encourages proper posture for
    the end user while at the same time lift up to 100% of the implements weight.
    If anyone wants to invest money for a Two or Four point harness for working with out door equipment, IMHO that would be a poor investment at best. It is a pity that my European colleagues figured out the advantages and savings incorporated with regular use of the ELH, years ago. I believe in time the American market will pick up on the obvious advantages and benefits
    incurred from using the ELH, how soon remains to be seen. Yes I am confident, it ain't bragging if it's true.
    easy-lift guy
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    no, I'm not just going by pictures and videos. also, I fail to realize how your product eliminates vibration (the OP's actual complaint) from the trimmer. please enlighten me. I find hanging my trimmer from a $300 pole (aluminum pole worth about $20, hardware about $3, $5 of rope or strap (I can't tell which you use) about $20 of nylon for the back piece, straps, and pads) hard to justify. plus, I don't see how hanging something from a pole doesn't pull you in some direction, the weight is still hanging away from your body.
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    My suggestion would be to get the ELH in someones hands for a demo followed by an honest review on LS.
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    You can try some gloves with gel padding in the palms such as bicycling gloves. I don't see how the "ELH" is going to be any better than a strap. If you have the strap adjusted properly the weight is on the strap. For extended trimming I use a bike handlebar trimmer with a strap or the harness for brush cutting...in fact just did that for about 4 hours. You might even be able to switch the throttle to the other side of a bike handlebar unit and/or set up a cruise control on it.
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    +1, send me one and I'll honestly and fairly demo it.

    more on what darryl said, impacto makes gloves geared towards this, also.

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