Low vibration trimmer options (Joint pains in hand)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gslice, Jun 1, 2012.

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    I found your post when I was looking for why my string trimmer was vibrating. I registered on the site so I could share some things I've done that have helped my hand pain and numbness tremendously. I definitely "feel your pain" and have great sympathy for you. I thought this kind of thing happened only to us "older" folks! You're only 30...

    I am a 55+ petite female with a micro-lawn care biz. A couple of years ago, I did something to my hands and/or wrists that caused so much pain, swelling, numbness, you name it, I thought I was going to have to quit lawn work. I was taking 800 mg of ibuprofen every 4 hours just to take the edge off the pain and get through my work day. It. Was. HORRIBLE!

    I finally saw a hand specialist who said "surgery with no guarantee of improvement", and I'd be out of work for about 6 weeks per hand. No thanks! So I started looking for home remedies/natural cures and I do a combination of things. While I'm not completely pain-free (I don't expect to be at my age), I haven't taken ibuprofen in 3 years and my hands rarely bother me that much any more.

    I use a light-weight trimmer. 10 minutes on my heavy weight backup trimmer and I feel it. I remind myself 24/7 to not "manhandle"/put the death grip on everything. I find myself death-gripping even my steering wheel. IOW, relax your hands whenever possible and use a light touch on that trimmer. Switch trigger fingers periodically and/or use 2-3 fingers for the trigger occasionally. Wear leather gloves when operating ANY equipment.

    I take 800 mg of magnesium (good for cells, nerves, muscles) and a ginger/tumeric (supposed to reduce inflammation) combo every day. Magnesium oxide will give you diarrhea; find magnesium citrate, taurinate, glycinate, or malate.

    When you sleep, make sure your hands aren't balled up in fists, and that you don't turn your wrists in at 90 degree angles. This is where wrist braces with with a metal stay are handy. Your arm/wrists/hands should be straight and relaxed, or hands bent slightly upward from wrists and definitely relaxed.

    I do a number of nerve release and yoga type exercises; it's all attached--your pain may be in your hands but the source might be somewhere else as it is in my case. You'll have to decide the root cause (yours sounds like the ulnar nerve; mine is the median nerve) and do the exercises specific to your condition. Just put "nerve release exercises" in a google search and there are tons of examples.

    At any rate, these are VERY effective, sometimes I get instant relief. I also lie on my back and roll up on my shoulders to relieve tension in my upper back muscles and nerves. A physical therapist told me to "work" the area where these nerves and muscles attach to the spine; she did a massage/heavy kneading of those tight spots. I would imagine a good massage therapist would be helpful as well. Wish I had time for that!

    If I feel my hands tighten up while I'm working, I'll stop and shake them out and/or do a couple of these exercises. I may look funny but it beats the heck out of being in pain.

    All this has worked very well for me. BUT, interestingly, this past winter, I started on the primal/paleo eating style; basically cutting out ALL grains and cutting WAY back on sugar/fructose, and I have noticed a marked reduction in the arthritic type pain and swelling that I continued to have periodically.

    I wish you all the best for getting this under control!
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    gotta try and make this a habit and trying to relax my hands when trimming, notice it seams when i do the trimming comes out so much better. anyway, i like your suggestions, thanks
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    husqvarna 323 or 326 trimmer, very lightweight at 9lbs and has solid driveshaft for very smooth running. vibration is almost non existent
  5. I have a 323L and I thought that thing was the worst vibrating trimmer around. It was like it developed a vibration after using it for a while and I had stopped using the stock head and went to the Speed Feed 450 head and apparently it developed the vibration while using that head and it got so bad that I quit using the trimmer since I had some others to choose from. A while back I had a trimmer go down and I had to start using the 323 again and it wasn't feeding well so I put a Speed Feed 375 on it and when I did the vibration almost completely went away. So I would recommend to anyone that's trimmer excessively vibrates for them to try a smaller diameter trimmer head. It'll hold less string but, it's also less likely to vibrate since it's easier for a bigger head to get out of balance.
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    I agree wholeheartedly. I'm amazed everyday how silky smooth a TRUE 4-stroke Honda is. Go with the smaller 25cc engine if you prefer a lighter 4-stroke trimmer...but my 35cc Honda trimmer makes short work of ANYTHING. Oregon's Platinum Supertwist (as mentioned in another post w/in this thread) is money for its cutting ability/durability, even while doing detail work. I easily get double the time on a spool compared to my old preferred trimmer line.

    Freebird, you made a great post...thank you for your input here as well.
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    personally i think the original head on the huskys is about the best around. loads faster than anything else i've found, always feeds, and the center spins independently for very little wear
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    I nominate GMLC for the review.. His are some of the best on Lawnsite!! easy-lift guy hook him up!!!
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    Anti vibration gloves work real good for me.
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    I've sent pleas for Easy lift guy to send a harness for an honest and fair review, and he basically told me he's sold hundreds over the last 5 years, and he didn't sound too interested in selling more.

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