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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by mhussey, Mar 20, 2008.

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    This is my first post in this department, but read here often. I have a question for you lighting experts. I have a customer that is wanting a lamp post, but is having a hard time deciding on going through the trouble to bring in the 120V for it. However, I was thinking that maybe there is some low voltage lamp post light that can be implemented. That way it's a little easier to bring in power.

    Question is where can I find some good quality low voltage lamp post lights? I tried a google search, but I am wondering about the product. I was hoping to ask some of you guy's before I give the idea to the customer. I'm sure there are such thing out there isn't there?

    Any ideas, websites, recommendations would be helpful.


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    There are many low voltage lamp posts by companies like Kichler but you can also convert any line voltage fixture by using 12v lamps instead of the 120v lamps. We do this all the time when we tie existing lighting into our systems.

    Good luck,
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    Ditto that. I asked this question a few years back. Worked very well and I got some 12v candelabra based bulbs. Just be sure to use a lable maker or something and lable the fixture 12v or remove any 120v refferance from it. When we did it I left the client extra lamps for it just so they would not go buy some and mess it up. Worked very well and it was frosted so didnt look too terribly bad
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    Nice!!!!!! I didn't even think about that..... Thanks guy's for the fast response.

    The customer should be very excited about this.

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