Low voltage lighting add on business?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by grassman222, Sep 11, 2009.

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    Hi everyone , I am thinking about adding low voltage lighting to my lawn service business and i wanted to know exactly what i have to do and what lisences i have to get and were would i go to get the lisence ? Is there classes i have to take ? Someone told me i have to be a lisenced electriction?? I know how to install the systems not that great at design but i can figure that out. But anyway i need to start from the very begining i figure and anything you could tell me it would be a big help .I live in south Jersey . Thanks Glenn :usflag:
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    Glenn, the law in New Jersey states a licensed electrician must install landscape lighting. The law was never enforced until recently as the economy slowed down. The electricians must have thought they were missing out on a great opportunity. Lighting has been slow and very few electricians want to get involved, more of a union thing. I would recommend if you pursue landscape lighting, you always have a licensed electrician install the dedicated outlet needed for a low voltage lighting transformer and most will oblige you with assistance if needed for the landscape lighting installation.

    Many of the suppliers will offer lighting seminars and often the manufacturers will have books or information you can obtain to learn the various forms of installation. This Wednesday, John Deere Landscape is having and all day event with pesticide classes, irrigation and paver wall seminars as well as product demonstrations and vendor displays at Washington lake Park in Washington Twp, Gloucester County. The field day is free, just contact the Lesco or John Deere Landscape in Sewell. Northern Nurseries in Medford is also having their customer appreciation day on Wednesday at their facility in Medford. Likely the Alliance representative will be there, but he may attend the John Deere field day.

    The best way to learn lighting design and installation is work with someone doing an installation, like an actual installation seminar or another installer that is willing to share their knowledge. The technical installation aspect is relatively simple to learn and master, but lighting design will be unique to every situation and some never quite get the hang of design.

    Where in South Jersey are you located. If you are relatively local, I'd be happy to offer my assistance. My primary function is design, project management, consultation and education, for every aspect of landscaping.


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