Low Voltage Recessed Lights

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by clayslandscape, Oct 8, 2012.

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    I have a customer that currently has landscape lighting. She wants to add two recessed lights in the ceiling of her front porch but wants them to be low voltage and connected to the transformer she currently has. Where can I find such lights? Nothing special just recessed voltage lights.
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    Look to Contrast Lighting. They make a line of Remote, Remodel recessed luminaires (we need to STOP calling these things "pot lights" guys!) that accept a large variety of trims. REM3000 is the part number you are looking for. Be sure to follow local codes and regs when you are wiring in and on structures.
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    Nightscaping makes a Soffitliter which I've used extensively for applications such as what you describe. They come standard in black with interior white, but I order most of mine that are going into ceilings to be powdercoated white inside and out.

    Focus also makes an inground fixture SL37 I think that I usually core drill into decks/ patios, blocks etc... but you could use it that way also... just that it comes in copper.. you'd have to paint it likely.

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    Most lighting that is installed on a house entry or porch should typically be controlled from a switch just inside the door, not only for aesthetics but also security.
    If she wants LV down lights check out Dasal or Lucifer.

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