Low Voltage Transformer Trouble

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by jimmy1111, Jan 19, 2009.

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    Here's a concept for you Jimmyboy; since you have come to this site you have experienced nothing but ridicule and criticism. You have argued your point till you and I are both blue in the face. The professionals here have told you what to do, yet you still argue that you have a better way (or another that will work). It's time for you to go away. You have become a real nuisance and I for one don't appreciate it. I'm the only one on this forum who is allowed to be an ass, and you are working on my territory right now so stop it before I have to take out a contract on your crack ass!
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    Jimmy, don't mind Chris... he's the black sheep of this forum... or is that the scapegoat?

    Either way, he's an animal!


    Oh.... and he doesn't like Canadians.
  3. Chris J

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    Now that's funny ****! :weightlifter:
  4. Chris J

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    I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you guys that I really appreciate your correspondence. I'm a lonely guy lately, but I still get my fair share. You guys keep me grounded, and fairly well pissed off, which gives me a balanced life in my own way.
    Thanks for the giving. If I can give you back any of this crap, just let me know! :cry: :laugh:
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    I couldnt imagine this place without you Chris!!
  6. Chris J

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    Ryan, your one of the people who keeps me coming back. I'm here to help. If not in technical support, in humor (for those who get it anyway).

  7. jimmy1111

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    Thanks Gregg...that older multimeter i had didn't masure the amps (i.e. didn't have the clamp for amps) but only R & AC/DC V through the pins... didn't give me consistant value.

    With the new Multimeter I got now it measyre them all and had the clamp.....I did exactly what you described and the numbers checked each others.
  8. jimmy1111

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    Chris...thanks...that helped a whole lot when i was getting the numbers.....don't know why you hate my gutts now if i did exactly what you wrote above and posted the numbers here...

    Remember my runs were installed 2 years ago not now....if I knew back than what I know now from you guys...that would have been different story.

    My simple question is VD in Loop runs as a way to explain my 1.7 VD in a 100 ft. run with 250W load using loop of 12/2 AWG...don't know how this would offend anyone.
  9. jimmy1111

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    Attached are the numbers for those of you who missed seeing it.

  10. JoeyD

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    This may be the worst DIY thread ever..........

    Lets all just use twice the 12/2 now on every run since its better and leave it at that.......I myself will stick with 24v systems where I can load my 12/2 to 480watts...you guys can do whatever you want since we now have a new and improved wiring method for 12v!! LOL To be honest, I am still confused by what is posted above........LOL

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