Low volume 4" pop-ups?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by A23, May 16, 2013.

  1. A23

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    I'm getting ready to tear-up and re-install an irrigation system in a small city park. The pump pressure is not the greatest on earth, and I was considering installing some 360 adj. 4" low volume pop-up sprinklers in some of the smaller areas with St.Augustine grass. Something along the lines of the Hunter MP rotators. I'm looking for something with a 10-12' radius.

    I have not messed with these very much in the past, so do you all have any brand/model recommendations ?
  2. Mikegyver

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    Hunter MP 1000 with a PRS40 head....
  3. DanaMac

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  5. DanaMac

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    No we haven't. I stick with the Hunter MPs for rotary nozzles. But the fixed Precisions have worked like a charm for me.
  6. Wet_Boots

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    You wouldn't employ a pressure regulating spray body where a low-pressure pump is the supply.
  7. Sprinkus

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    Has anyone checked the pump for worn impellers or possible issues with the supply/intake side?
  8. BrandonV

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    boom. check the blades, check the foot valve and check the threads.
  9. A23

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    Thanks everyone for the input. Have not torn the pump apart yet, but will do so here before too long. I'll take a closer look at the MP's as well.
  10. 1idejim

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    People may think i waste a lot of time testing but i would have all my ducks in a row before pulling the trigger on buying one part.

    Volume, pressure, recharge, line voltage and distances are a must for pump supported systems.
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