low volume sprayers


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dirty jersey
my new sprayer does 1 pt./1000 sf of solution most of the products thst i use call for 1gal. /1000 sf...tri-mec in my old sprayer calls for 1.5 oz.pre gal. of h20/1000sf. this new sprayer calls for 1.5 oz.per 32oz of h2o. having a hard time understanding the low volume.any of you have used low volume sprayers. anthony a


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I have/do.<p>Don't worry about the amount of water. Water doesn't kill weeds. Concern yourself with applying the correct amount of chemcial.<p>With Trimec Classic, it's about a 1:11 ratio with that sprayer.


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Yes, don't concern yourself to much about the water. The water is just a carrier for the chemical. You still have to use the same amount of chemical to treat the 1000 sf but your product volume is much lower. Instead of using 128 oz of chemical/water mix for 1000 sf, you may use only 25 oz of chemical/water mix. (But you still need the 1 oz of herbicide for that 1000 sf either way)

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