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Low water pressure


LawnSite Member
Sequim, WA
Hello, first time poster. I will try to be brief and clear. For the last few years we have pumped our landscaping water directly out of a county ditch; a 1 1/2 HP suction pump was used that provided 45-50 pounds of pressure; it continuously fed a yard hydrant that is 75 ft from the ditch. The installer placed 1-inch poly pipe underground. The system worked very well. I hooked up two hoses to the yard hydrant and distributed water over the lawn. Again, always with more than sufficient pressure to run the two hoses (each over 100 feet).
This year, however, the County abandoned the ditch, placing instead an 8-inch, gravity-fed, lateral pipe on our property's western border, which is 55 feet from the abandoned ditch. The homeowner is required to find a way to connect the new lateral pipe to the landscaping system.
Homeowners along the ditch were told that they could expect approximately 40-50 pounds in the new gravity-fed system. And some properties further down the line are getting good pressure. My block, however, is getting 27 pounds. According to the County Ditch District: there ain't no more to be had--gravity and physics prevail.
We need direction. The current hookup: To the riser's 2-inch PVC valve, we installed 55 feet of 1 1/4-inch poly pipe, which is then reduced to 1-inch to connect to the existing 75 feet of 1-inch underground poly pipe. Once in a while we will receive a brief initial burst of water that covers some lawn (about 1/2 of what we used to get). This is short-lived, however, and soon a tiny stream of water shoots out of the hoses, and never improves. I've tried using one hose directly connected to the new hydrant's faucet, but there is no change.
A few people have mentioned "inline" pumps to us, but no one seems to know very much about them. Any suggestions? Any comments would be appreciated.