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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Richard Martin, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. Richard Martin

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    Here's a new way for lowballers to get your customers. In the area I work in written contracts are few and far between. There is a new company (actually, this is their second try at making money cutting grass) that is making note of where established LCOs are cutting grass. When the regular LCO is gone they go and visit the customer and then tells the customer that the regular LCO is going out of business and then lowballs the current price. They seem to only be picking out the old and elderly customers to do this to.

    I haven't lost any customers to them but one of my friends has lost 5.
  2. There was a guy doing the same sort of thing in our area a few years ago. I didn't loose any accounts but I figured if they went for that kind of deal they deserved each other.
    And all the time he spent following other LCO's around, he could have been out getting customers the right way.
  3. 65hoss

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    Real simple solution. If they are slandering your business and causing you to lose income they are damaging your business. A letter from you lawyer will usually stop the BS, if not a court summons will.
  4. SJR Lawncare

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    It may be time to open a can of Whoopass. Thats just not right!
  5. Twotoros

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    That has been going on here for quite a few years. One guy says he will do it 10% off who cuts it now. So I am told anyway.:(
  6. Toroguy

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    The customer should verify the information provided. If the information is a lie why would anybody hire such a firm or person? A better price from a thief is not a better price.

    I would contact the State Attorney General about this underhandedness.
  7. millsmowing

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    Why not warn your customers that someone may contact them who is using this kind of trickery? Assure your customers you are not going out of business before the scum bag shows up at their doorstep. I also think my friends Rocco and Bobo would be speaking to this low life on my behalf. I don't personally condone violence but Rocco and Bobo seem to enjoy it!
  8. Rodney Johns

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    We have an idiot in my area that actually wastes money on postage sending letters to all of my customers and other people in the area saying he will undercut anyone by 10% in the area. He has went as much as 50% just to get an account. If you loose to a guy like that........they do deserve each other.
    Just remember down the road when you get those customers back you are in the drivers seat.
    Time for a price increase by 2x
    Believe me it will happen because lowballers usually do not stay in business very long.
  9. AGG Lawn Maintenance

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    Bob your too funny man!!! But I agree. Richard that sucks for your friend. Go with my motto "Respect all Fear none." My customers and I have a good thing going. They know that my company is reliable and the quality of work is excellent. I guess thats why we put "Where quality and reliable service counts" under our AG&G Lawn Maintenance name. millsmowing brings up a good point as well. If you feel the threat warn your customers.
    Good luck. And may the grass and your pockets stay green.:D
  10. SLS

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    What's to prevent the customer from telling the guy a lie about what their paying in order to save a buck?

    Something like: "The lawn guy I have now cuts my 2 acres for $30...and your going to knock 10% off of that? Great! See ya tomorrow!"

    Send that scumbag my way...I'll get him to cut my 1 acre lawn for $20 while I sip a cold one and watch the game. :D

    That is why I would never ask what a person has been paying someone else...or try the ol' 10% (or whatever) off trick to scam another LCO's account. The chances of beating yourself are just too great. Not to mention that it is a totally unprofessional approach at getting business.

    I figure my time/expense, place my bid, and let the chips fall where they may.

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