Lowballer lawn dudes

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rons Rightway Lawncare, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. Rons Rightway Lawncare

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    Saw a truck go by at lunch yesterday as I was pulling out of McDonalds.... Black truck, Black enclosed trailer, Words on the side said Pay Less lawn mowing and then under that the words lawns cut $20.00

    Why do people sell themselves and the industry in general short like that?

    I know my prices are still on the low side, and I know when I first started out in this business I gave out some stupid low prices thinking I needed to to get business. But 20 bucks a cut is crazy, I only have one lawn I do for 20$ and it takes me no more than 10 minutes to mow edge trim and blow. My average price per yard is around 30 bucks per cut and the average cut takes around 30 minutes for the whole affair, mow edge trim and blow.

    Anyway, I have heard from enough of my own customers and friends that my prices are too low as they are now, and I have learned that in most cases if you just bid the jobs a little higher most people will pay it! There is no reason today to need to lowball yourself and the industry.
  2. lawnwizards

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    thats why they do lawns for $20. they can do 6 of them in an hour for $120 where as you can do 2 $30 lawns in an hour which is $60. maybe they aren't lowballers, maybe they just target the small 10 minute yards you say you have one of.
  3. daveintoledo

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    i was cutting 3.5 acres for 90 and i know that was too cheap but was all i could really get.......

    a guy who looks just like me but 150 lbs heavyer and the same mower is cutting it for 30........ and he drives his z into the back of a van.... hope it falls and breaks.... not him, his mower....:hammerhead:
  4. noseha

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    i have over 40 small 18 min lawns in a small area where i make money. having 25 acct. i don't have to have a trailer for. but driving around in a big town. why do it? with all the window time. stop in go all day. when i worked out of grand rapids some guys with a lawn care. had one guy in a ford ranger with a flat bed one w/b 48'' or 52'' one trimmers no edger, hand held blower, some had a back pack or a 21'' mower, 15 DOLLARS A CUT !!!! sub division mowing i never got in to that. i don't have a sub division around me. some lawn care guy say they have a $30 average, but what do you make per hr. six small lawns w/o workers or two big lawns with workers
  5. traman

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    maybe you need to read into it better ,it says lawn cut for $20.00. maybe thats all they do and then charge another 20 to trim,edge&blow ? its just like thees guys that do auto detailing,hand wash $10.00 well guess what thats all you get.want the car dry ed off $3 more, windows cleaned $3 vacuumed $3tires dressed $3more. that $10.00 car wash is now $21.00
  6. Elite Lawn Care

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    These guys do hurt a bit, however I do see that they help. What I see usually happens is this, Joe LCO does 9000 sq foot yard for 40 bucks. Joe is bumped for Mr. 20. You and Joe are separate companies, but buds so you don't want to under cut or steal Joes clients. Mr. 20 thrashes the property and it is next to your clientÂ’s property. While talking one day you explain to your client that you are sad to see that Joe's LCO is not servicing the neighbors place. your client asks why and you point out the grass is shredded by dull blades and disease is setting in, sprinkler heads are chopped off, and the amount of dead grass blown into flower beds...
    now you politely excuse yourself since it is a work day and have a schedule to keep. your client talks to neighbors with about how poor their yard looks and two weeks later they call you and you now have another property.

    Okay I have had it happen to me, not loosing to Mr. 20 but have had other local LCO's on routes have it happen. I gained two very loyal clients this year B/C of that and usually charge 3-5 dollars more than normal for an 8000 sf property. I have told this to the other guys and they agree that it is a good policy, and usually Mr. 20 after a few months is gone and now you can charge a bit more since people have been burned by Mr. 20 and had to replace Sprinkler heads or do a lawn rejuvenation.
  7. befnme

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    ha, i saw one the other day that said "schools out lawn care ". beat that one. :laugh:

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