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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Snyder's Lawn Inc, Aug 7, 2014.

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    My point is just that, the op had it originally for a long period, Im glad he got it back. The new bidder wether under bidding or inexperience is out the box now and good. Perhaps you misunderstood my post.This happens more often in my area than in the Kirkville Mo. area with bidding greed, inexperience on bidding and just wanting to get a job at any cost. Most property managers soon realize a mistake was made on awarding the job,and quickly get the best suited contractor.
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    In the customer policy they have to take the low bidder even if it really low. They told me sometimes its wrong but they have rules to fallow. I wish I e-mailed them sooner then the lawn would went down hill so bad. Few other jobs that guy has I'm going send emails Teach this guy not to walk on my turf
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    "Teach this guy not to walk on my turf". No harm meant but this is the quote of the day. It's not your turf.
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    Are you sure it is the "low bidder"? Many bidding processes specify the "lowest RESPONSIBLE bidder". That allows the company/agency to weed out lowball bids that they know the bidder can't comply with, and bidders that have won the bid previously and failed miserably.
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    That's a broad term that can mean as little as having a DBA or tax stamp up to a full background check and bonded. The term is used to keep Joe homeowner who thinks he can maintain the community better and tries to enter the process. When I was on a board we had an extensive list of prequalifers just to submit. Helps cut to the chase rather than fooling around with the unqualified group.
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    well its like my turf 3 years they did a full redo of the property and I rip everything up and reseeded the lawn over the years they had so many lawn companies fixing the turf/beds Building was built in 1978 There was all kinds of grass so many different shades of grass Now they only have one Turf Fescue that was like carpet up until now
    So I have my work cut out for me now Plus the seed mix I used is my name brand only place to get this mix is from me So its my turf
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    this what they told me on the low bidder
    The property is here and the office is out of state So they don't or cant watch the property every week I just wish I said something sooner I mow a property next to it I was watching going down hill. So I e-mailed them about the lawn In my e-mail told everything that was wrong told them they need come look plus I said there crew wasn't doing a lot of things

    They replied back that company saying he was solo that he signed a paper saying he was solo I told them he hasn't been solo for 10 years or so
    and that's what ended his contact for falsified a contact
    They ask him how many guys work on this lawn and the guy must for got he signed that paper He told on his self
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    I agree.

    The only "my turf" is the lawn where you own the land underneath it.

    People forget that we do not own the customers. Forget that customers come and go because all things are not in our control.

    There is nothing to teach.
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    missing the point
    This lawn like all other lawns I take care of is in my control I control the growth
    So since I have 3 year contact I own this lawn for 3 years maybe I should say I own the contract but the contract is the lawn/turf So I own the turf
    Either way you put it, its mine for 3 years unless I get fired. I don't see that

    Customers isn't forever but
    If you do your job and keep price good they can be forever I have 12 accounts I had since 1985 had more but people is passing away on me
    and I say 20 had for 10 years and the rest is 6 years or less of contracts

    Be like last year I lost my biggest lawn to a low bidder I mowed for 3 years I wouldn't call him a lowballer He just didn't have man power and know how to bid on it took him 3 days He didn't last a month This my 5th year only takes me a day
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    Figuratively it's your lawn. Literally the land belongs to other owners. I know what you ment the first time.
    easy-lift guy

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