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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by meets1, May 3, 2013.

  1. meets1

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    Got a call today from a business we do and have done for over 10 years. 1/2 block from our shop. They decided on a new LCO this year. Front office was like a golf course plush, we mowed that baby and made it pop. Always did an excellent job. About 2 hours, with one machine and one guy about the same for trim and blow and pickup through out landscape. $60 was my price. Along the back of this building (manufacturing plant) was a 40 wide enbankment that was tough to mow but would take our WAM about 2 hours to do. This area was large but just to mow with stuff, manhole covers, etc. $125 They told me that the bid they took was 60% less on the open area and 50% less on the office area. Then he proceeds to tell I am sure they will not match your quality of work but were after the low cost blah blah blah eceonomic thing etc.

    Then I lost another and there reason was this new guy out there is struggle family man, house payments, 2 kids and really needing the work. Beside the guy says, your an established business so you'll be ok. I mean what the .......... I just dont get it.

    I guess just a little rant and venting for now.
  2. MTenterprises

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    It sucks but that's jut the way it is. I know it gets under your skin and this is YOUR lively hood too, but you have to move on. There is no loyalty anymore....on either side.
  3. Marshmallow

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    Those losers will be sorry when their yards look like crap from a stay at home dad and a lowball illegal uninsured outfit break a window and damage some property.
  4. Blade Runners

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    Maybe he's not a lowballer and he can operate 55% cheaper than you and still make a profit :)
  5. herler

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    What I get is those guys are offering a lower rate for the OPPORTUNITY to learn ALL the things you know,
    and by bidding your usual you GAVE them that opening.

    The choice is simple, continue to act puzzled and get frustrated...


    Learn what I have learned...

    That's right.

    No more lost customers due to lowballers.
    All you have to do is a Super job.
    At THEIR rates!

    Go ahead, make it 'pop' at 55% off!

    You, an established business, can wipe the map CLEAN of pesky cheapness.
    By doing better work for less, same quality as you've always done, but at the lowball rate.
    Do that and they'll be gone by the time the thermometer hits 90, they will realize it's just not worth it.
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  6. Marshmallow

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    I'll fire up the Murray and head over!
  7. herler

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    No, wrong lawn mower.
    I said you need to do a Super job.
    For that you'll need your best machine.

    And if a Murray is your best, you're not going to make it.
    So try again.
  8. Valk

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    How many times over 10 years have you increased the price?
  9. Landscraper1

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  10. chesterlawn

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    Am I reading this right, one man 2 hours to cut and another man 2 hours to trim and clean up? And you charged $60 and some one under bid you?

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