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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by meets1, May 3, 2013.

  1. orangemower

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    It sure does but at the same time, working 5hrs in this line of work would have yielded a solid $400 if not more for me to do the work.
  2. pineymountain

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    to be fair, in that $160 was a clean-up for a friend that was way underpriced. Yes, I don't charge enough but it is somewhat by design.
  3. Blade Runners

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    Why is it by design?
  4. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    with your full time job its better then you think
    Pay your benefits with what you made in 5hrs see what you have then

    You need get up in market value
    I have few Res. lawns takes a hour I make 120
    Has nothing to do with Com. accounts
    I can mow only, in 5hrs on Res and make 400-500 depending the day of the week.

    Not being rude but people like you Mowing for extra money kills a LCO that's making a living at this
    You wouldn't like me come take over your teaching for less pay.
  5. pineymountain

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    haha- you are making more than I am making teaching then... including benefits. Thats why I am leaving the profession- when people can make more money cutting grass than I can with all of my degrees, training, certifications, and political headaches, it is time to get the hell out.
  6. 32vld

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    There is knowing and then there is knowing.

    One does not have to know what one company's bid was to know what companies in your area charge to do jobs.

    Example, your cost is $50 because you work out of your garage, no commercial shop overhead.

    So you charged $100 and made $50 profit.

    Now the other company's costs are $90. They normally get $190 to $220 to the job. They make $100 to $130 profit.

    You lost out or as the saying goes, you left $90 to $120 of extra profit on the table.

    Even if you market niche is to be the low price LCO if you did the job for $175 to be the low bidder you could of made $125.

    Instead you low ball and drive your local area prices down.

    I wish I was that wealthy to be able to leave large chunks of profit on the table.

  7. Tunica

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    How do you know what others charge. Please tell Me if you know how..and I'll come in 1% lower on every quote in the county!
  8. alldayrj

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    Call them and ask
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  9. Blade Runners

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    Yeah I woud quit too. With all of your degrees you should be much smarter than some of these guys who have been doing this for 20 years or more. They probably don't even know what their talking about.

    One of the best ways to make alot of $ in this biz is to underbid all of these guys that have been doing it for years and take their customers. It really is just that easy. If you base your business model on that you should get alot of customers and make 2-3x what you make teaching.:laugh::laugh::laugh:
  10. pineymountain

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    I never said anything about people not knowing what they are talking about. why would i say that?

    nevermind- misread your post.
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