Lowballers and others....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by meets1, May 3, 2013.

  1. Blade Runners

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    100% sarcasm!
  2. pineymountain

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    yeah I picked up on it a bit late
  3. pineymountain

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    thanks to this thread I was out cutting this afternoon and thinking of why my business model stinks. I don't charge enough.
  4. pineymountain

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    sorry I am monopolizing this thread, but this is one of those threads that has changed my outlook on what I am doing. A yard I cut last night is a case in point: I charge 35 for a lawn that should be 45ish because they have built beds and whatnot that is really making the yard a pain. On top of that they want to do an every other week cut, while having a fert service that is making the grass explode. Then on top of that they have a poorly drained back yard that keeps me from using my large mower because I would tear it up in a few spots, so I cut it with a 21".

    Im at a cross roads of taking this seriously or not as this may be my main source of income soon. I need to tell them to up the price, go every week, or find someone else. Im realizing it would be best to lose them even though my portfolio is minuscule. The yard looks like crap one week out of every two, no one in the neighborhood will be calling me with that as an advertisement. It makes me look bad. This is the beginning of my second season as well and equipment maintenance is starting to hit me. Im starting to think it would be best to lose all of these accounts and know where I truly stand than keeping them just because I have them.
  5. Valk

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    My 14 day accounts have to look me in the eye, with a hand on the Bible, while I'm holding a taser -> telling me they do NOT fertilize.

    Frankly, 7 days is too often too many days b/tw cuttings this time of year for fertilized lawns...but I've NEVER convinced a customer to allow me to mow every 4-5 days.
  6. recycledsole

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    One thing I love about owning my own business is it encourages me to be positive and not re-act with intense emotion.
    "Sorry to hear that. If you need any help in the future please let me know. Thanks"
    Maybe they will call you in a few months after they do a terrible job, or they quit because theyre not making any money. I don't see how you are even doing 2 people 2 hours for $60. How are you making any money on that? Maybe this will work out for the better for you.
    Good luck
  7. southerntide

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    I think if everyone would focus on their own business and customers more instead of new competition that are out for beer and drug money that usually fade away in a year or less from crap work, these threads wouldn't be a subject at all.

    Yes it sucks seeing so many people out there now in the mix especially after doing this over a decade or more like most, focus on your work and quality of work and it will do the job for you. As for new guys who do research and are serious about it all around they deserve their chance it's a do and make mistake and learn from job line, when pricing comes in to play, lots go to low then realize they will not make any profit and drop or try to raise price on customers and get dropped but that's life LIVE AND LEARN.
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    wait a min. the OP charged $185 for 6hrs of work and got underbid by someone doing it for $85-$100?

    i would charge $300 or at the very least $250 or i wouldn't even mess with it.

    i have a 4 acre yard i do solo and make $175. it takes 3hrs. half the amount of time and i make about the same price.
  9. JMK26

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    Low ballers are one thing....

    Cheap a** clients are another...and someone with a budget is another.

    To me lowballers are one thing, they can have those lawns, I probably wouldn't do them anyway. Or the clients...wouldn't want to deal with them anyway.

    As a business owner you and me take things a little more personal. It's my business, what do you mean you are going to this other guy for a couple bucks cheaper a week?......... But to be objective and honest most of us try to save a couple bucks a week on something........2 lbs of burger meat at X store is cheaper than the same amount at the next.....Oh! the HVAC guy is going to charge my AC for 10 bucks cheaper than the guy I had last year....Oil change coupon in the mail............I'm going there. Everyone is trying to save a buck....2 bucks a week for 36 weeks doesn't sound like much, bit to people that have an actual budget and stick to it for their own lives it means a lot.

    I have a budget for my business and my life. $100 bucks over the course of a year is a lot of money. I think a lot of the problem is people that do not have a budget..............I go grocery shopping on a $100 budget each week...I don't spend over $100 dollars....my game is to spend the least amount for the week..........the people that don't budget will spend $100 on groceries one week and $200 the next, and $120 the next...there is no plan there and it is usually the people that don't have a plan or a budget that misunderstand loyalty to your business with loyalty to their own family and the money and budgets they have...

    And I will never hold any ill will to anyone that puts their kids future first other than my business. Why? Because my loyalty is to my business, and no matter how personal it FEELS....it is just business. And even if the client drops you because of budget reasons in their life......it is only business, even to them, their business is their family and their future.

    Just because you don't have a budget and run to the store and spend more than you should, doesn't mean everyone lives like that, and if your price goes over their budget, then that's how it is.

    The bottom line is there is a difference between a cheapa** looking for a cheap price and someone that is actually a really responsible person and your price just doesn't fit into their budget and their family is just a little more important than not hurting your feelings.

    Rejection happens, if you can't take rejection, no matter the reason, then perhaps being in a business that is highly competitive and has a lot of rejection isn't for you.

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