Lowballers living on the high end

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnkid, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. lawnkid

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    Ok here's the story
    There's an older woman down my street that has one of the only landscapers left beside myself servicing her property. Last week, she had her driveway resealed by a company and her lawn was not serviced by her usual lco. I gave it about a week and a half until her grass has gotten to being about 8"(very nice lawn though) and I decided to go leave a quote for lawn service since her grass was tall and I hadn't seen her current lco there in a week and a half. I priced the lawn being a $50 lawn, about 9,000 sq. ft. I dropped the bid in her mailbox figuring she wasn't home because other mail was still there and as I am at the end of the drive I hear her calling. I went back to go tell her that I wanted to go drop a quote for lawn service in her mailbox because her lawn was tall and it needed to be cut. She said she just got off the phone with her lco and that he was coming tomorrow and trimming the bushes too. So I said ok but then she goes on saying of yeah I remember you, you did a cleanup for me in the fall. She sadi you do a very good job but are a little expensive. Mind, I charge $40 per man hour for cleanup. I think I did the cleanup for like $110. So anyway she goes my guys only charge $20 per man hour and only chrage me $20 a cut for my lawn. I almost died right there. $20 FOR A FRICKING JOB THAT SHOULD BE $50. She goes, that's what I've always been charged. I was like yeah maybe 20 years ago. This really pissed me off. Mind, this guy has 2 crewws consisting of the following: 3 52" Tiger Cubs, 1 Scag 52" hydro, Scag 48" belt, and a Sutech 33" and all nice 2 cycle and 2 fairly new chevys with plows and 16 ft open trailers too. He also has a newer chevy dump. This guy has about 8 guys, 6 mexicans and other 2 white. I don't understand how this dude is making money to even pay for all his equipment and insurance and workers and all. :angry: :angry: Very po This is unfrigginbelievble. Wahat do you guys think? :angry:
  2. Turf Medic

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    Are you sure that her taking the time to explain the prices she is paying wasn't attempt to get you to lower your prices???
  3. Runner

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    Either she is BS ing you about the price for whatever reason, or this guy does a whole lot of other upsale work and simply uses the mowing as an access. - Much like a "special" sign in a front window of a store to get you to come in, - then you'll buy other things. Chances are, this is the case - especially if he has a dumptruck. Many lco's do this, merely for the access to other work. This is what I do. I don't lowball, (although 50 bucks for 9000 sq. ft. would be a bit extreme around here:D ) I have a minimum, and this would probably fall under it. It's all the OTHER work that the good money is made on, though. The mowing is nice just because it's regular, but anytime we can come across a decent installation or reno, I jump on it.
  4. BSDeality

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    $50 for 9k sqft? there ought to be a hell of a lot of trimming to justify that price. i could mow 9k sqft in about 10minutes, That's a 95'x95' lawn. Not a chance in hell I'd hire you unless i got to sit on your back while you clipped the lawn with scissors.
  5. ahah

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    9000 square feet meets my minimum of 25 bucks if it is within 2 miles of my shop. 8 inches high......maybe 35 to 40 bucks to get it into shape.
  6. hubb

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    Thats about $30.00 where I'm at. Unless they have one hell of a big hill and excessive trimming. But if you can get that for 9k, go for it. I know if I bid that around here I probably wouldn't have any business.
  7. BSDeality

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    $20-30 around here for a lawn like that too, more if its in a high traffic area, less if its in the woods.
  8. Shuter

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    Maybe she was one of his first customers and he keeps the price low for her or maybe a relative of that company.
  9. wmsland

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    I don't think that the person cutting her lawn is living on the high end, from what you said you would charge her it sounds like your the one living on the high end. At least the landscaping company that does service her is paying taxes, paying for insurance etc. etc. Out of the $50.00 that you would have charged her how much of it would have gone to pay taxes etc. I noticed in another one of your posts that you said that you did over $30,000.00 in sales last year, did you pay all the appropriate taxes on it. Did you also know that if you are doing that kind of business you should be collecting sales tax in the state of Ohio.
  10. John Allin

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    I'm somewhat familiar with that general market....

    $20 "feels" low, but $50 definitely "feels" high.

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