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    My wife gets a call the other day from a customer who we have had for 4 years, always pays and never moans. She tells the wife that they are now retired and have a fixed income so they asked if we could do the lawn for $15.00. Now I have been charging them 33.00. When the wife tells them sorry they said ok. The next day a call again and the lady says the found someone else to do it for $18.00 per cut, and would like to cancell the service with us. The lady tells the wife that we have been great to them and we can use them as a referral anytime. Then I im reading the local paper and see a ad for FREE MOWING. the ad reads " FREE MOWING " the 1st 4 cuts free if you sign up for 1 year. I just know how these people can make any money, its these lowballers that are hurting the biz for us all. Im glad that we do have more work then we know what to do with, but its just the point i quess I just had to vent.

    Richie K

    www.kulakandcompany.com :hammerhead: ( lowballers )
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    I always laugh at that line, who isn't on a fixed income.
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    Richie, I feel your pain and every year it seems to be getting worse. We will soon be back to 1960 prices here and I raised my rates this year to a minimum 40 dollars and that is no matter how small. Gas just hit 2.69 (.68 cents jump in 3 weeks) and I will go outta biz or make a living at it. Client called me yesterday and had a friend who wanted me to go give her an estimate but was also on a fixed income and wanted it cheap. Told my client to call her friend back (not wasting my time) and tell her she needs to get someone else becase I aint cheap! I learned not to even wasted my time going to look at these kind when they start that right off the bat.
  4. Tonyr

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    your talkin' like an aussie now.....welcome to our world! lol.

    they wait till it's a jungle, no contracts here, then ring up and expect ultra speedy service, often each month calling around for the cheapest idiot, then want it cut that short you can see the dirt through the grass, people here just hate grass, it costs them money, the richer they are, the tighter they are! unbelievable.
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    after i leave a potential clients house, i always feel like this kinda thing only happens to me!! but im glad to see it happens to everyone!!! i try to be fair with my prices, after i look at a job and know what i need to charge, i always think to myself,( ok, if this was my property, would i pay that price? my answer most times, YES!) then i have to hear, well, your price is fair but i got a price half the amount you want to charge me!! .wtf!!! my insurance went up- fuel- repairs ect.... and these people make me feel like i wanted to rip them off!!! the funny thing is, i was told by my new customer, that when she was taking estimates for her lawn, two guys showed up in a car, with chrome rims,tinted windows, and the radio as loud as it can go, and pulled in her driveway to give her a estimate, when she asked for a card, they said that they didnt have any!! who the heck would go give a estimate and not have a card??? i keep atleast a box of 250 in my truck at all time's....
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    I just bid a lady for 35/cut. She has a neihbor who is older and has a kid down the block who did the older ladies yard for 25. My new cust. said that I could get it if I charged 25 also. I said I couldn't becuase I need to charge a minimum. So I have the new cust for 35 already. I'm going to go back to her and say that I will do that lawn for 25 but I need to get 2 more houses on the street for my minimum charge. Not sure if it will happen but if it does I will make a 1/3 of my days pay in 1/4 of the day or less. And it's not just 4 lawns now but all the other services also and I walk away looking like a saint.
  7. webfoot

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    There is a add in the paper around here that says that to.To most people grass is the enemy and they want the cheapest person they can find to beat it back.Quality and dependabilty dion't matter to the price shoppers it doesn't seem like.
  8. redoak77

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    Ill give anyone who signs a year long contract a cut for free. Put ill charge $2.00 for the rest of the cuts:drinkup:
  9. Badgerz

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    That's just smart business there. It's just like going into these department stores and applying for a credit card so you can have 10% off your purchase. Then you get the card which has an 18% APR, use it, don't pay it back right away and now you've paid more than that 10% back to the store without even thinking about it.

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