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    If everyone has such a problem with lowballers &quot;taking&quot; jobs on them why don't you just send the IRS, pesticides cops or whoever to the jobsite when they are there? Do you send in copies of your insurance when you bid a job? Ask the owners/managers if everyone sends the insurance info in with the bids. Maybe you can tell them to add proof of insurance to the bid form. Here in Ontario most tenders ask for the insurance info on the forms. <br> I'm not a rat but if I lost out jobs because the other guy didn't have insurance or pesticides permit I would be calling Crime Stoppers and getting a $1000 reward. It's easier than cutting grass.
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    Cantoo- <p>You sound too much like an American with the Crimestoppers deal. :) You must be watching too much Fox Network; Cops, America's Most Wanted, etc. We already have a higher percentage of our population locked up than a place like Russia. That is sad. &lt;p&gt;Anyway, I include a clause in my contract stating exactly what type of insurance policy, including dollar amounts are in place. I would not want to submit an Insurance Certificate with every bid I submitted. Every one I win, fine. Every one I bid, no.&lt;p&gt;John
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    Sorry, retro I meant only on the bigger jobs that the other guys were talking about losing. I don't think home owners even care if you have insurance or pay taxes as long as they think they are getting it cut as cheap as they can. I know guys who do roofing and don't have any insurance, I wouldn't let them on the property. Oh yeah and I don't squeal on them either, it doesn't concern me,,, yet.<br>The school bids that I put in last year wanted insurance papers saying that their name was on my policy.
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    The insurance requirements are standard for any public works job they require the public agency to be named as additionaly insured. As to sending out certificate of insruance with a bid my insurance company no charges us $50 per copy, we bid 600 jobs a year, no we won't send one out until we get the job and know the requirments for that job. <p>----------<br>paul<br>
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    Although I didn't specify, I was speaking of commercial work. A certificate will only be sent in rare instances if I haven't been awarded the bid. Even if they were free, as they are at my insurance agency, someone would be getting an unnecessary workout if I'm only winning 10-25% of my commercial bids.&lt;p&gt;John<br>
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    Paul,<p>$50 a copy sounds high. I have Hartford Insurance they send certificates as part of the service to the policy. I just one the contract with the local Wal-Mart and thought I would have to pay for the certificate, but they said it was a part of the policy. I don't know if they would be cheaper for you, but I have $1m liability for $570 year. Work Comp of course is still much more!!!!!!!<p>Adam :)

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