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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawncare, Dec 28, 2001.

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    :angry: Here I am making my routes like I usually do my first 3 stops the yards are already cut don't matter much i told the help(customers had already sent my check for the month) so my 4th stop my customer comes out and said dedric "there are 4 hispanics riding around saying they will cut,edge, and trim any size yard for only 30 bucks.( the average yard on this part of town is the well to do area and im getting a min. of 75 bucks) So i get in the truck and call the other 4guys who cut in the area (we look out for each other) and told them whats going on. We get together and ride in the subdivision to find them sure enough they were on one of the other guys yard. 4 mexcican in a geo prizm with a 4x8 trailer no sides no nothing, with a 20 murray tied to it(not even self propel) so we talk to them and said we don't mind competition but 20bucks come on. So after a few more kind words i rather not say they left. So i told the others we better watch out they are into grass better get some contracts now.
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    So you are angry at them because their overhead is lower than yours? Because they dont discriminate from well-to-do neighborhoods vs. what other neighborhoods there are?

    Suck it up, if your customers bailed on you due to price you were probably overpriced in the first place vs your quality of work.
  3. TJLC

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    It's kinda like that here too. I just try to keep my overhead as low as possible, do the best job I can, charge what my market will bear, and go from there. If people don't want to pay me what I feel is fair, I move on. The guys out there charging alot less are hurting themselves too, not just you. All my work comes from word of mouth. I know I'm not the cheapest here. If a guy wants to cut lawns for half of what I charge, whatever, knock yourself out. I'm fully licensed and insured and pay all my taxes. Do you think the cheap guys do? Don't let this bother you. Maybe you need to look at your price structure and/or overhead, I don't know. I'm not trying to give you a hard time, honest. Good luck.
  4. vipermanz

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    i think i have seen them around town!!!!

    where are at in bham?
  5. lawncare

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    I not mad at the fact my block being invaded i do a lot for my cust. I don't have much overhead jsut the neccesatie ins. etc which allows me to do more for them such as the first cut and the last of the season is free. Every fifth cut i give them half off. if they refer me to a cust there next 1 is free no 1 does this round here but me thats what got me in the end. but you know what im not going to change im still doing the same
  6. lawncare

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    they were out in the greystone area
  7. lawncare

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    :D this brings up another subject how many of you guys remeber what kinda equipment you had when you first started. I didn't waNT ANY BILLS so i didnt buy anything on credit I had 2 22 inch craftsman mower, a rake, a pair of electric trimmers and blowers and it was hell pileing it in the back of a stationwagon.
  8. Richard Martin

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    thelawnguy wrote:
    So you are angry at them because their overhead is lower than yours?

    Their overhead is cheaper for a reason. In my area they are known to live 10 to 12 in an apartment at times. And a percentage of those those don't commonwealth an apartment are getting government subsidies (read Section 8 housing). A lot of these guys are the ultimate scrubs. They literally steal jobs from hard working Americans, pay what little bit of rent they owe and send the rest of the money back to whatever dirt bag country they came from.

    lawncare needs to make sure his customers know that he is fully licensed and insured. He also needs to make sure he is doing the best job he can. It also doesn't hurt to remind your customers from time to time that you also have bills to pay and mouths to feed.
  9. cajuncutter

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    I kind of agree with Richard here. You want to fix them? Just ask for a business card. Welcome them into the industry. Once you get card or number write down license plate with them watching. Ask if they have a green card. If you get no response or if they crawfish out by saying it is at home ( should be in their posession at all times while working) tell them that ou believe in fair business and that you would kindly contact ins and BBB to make sure that they are insured and properly licensed. See what kind of response you get. My wife could not work in this country til she got her ss.# and green card..so why should they?!?!
    Just my 2 cents :D :angel:
  10. Chopper Lover

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    That little question alone will take care of all your business issues because you will be spending all your time in the slammer and all your money trying to get out. Per Federal Law only INS officials, or their designee's, are permitted to request Green Card Identification. If they report you for asking, you are done. Why take a chance?

    As for the rest of it, I feel for you. Maybe you should consider educating your/thier customers about insurance and how the home owner would be liable should something bad occur as a result of the "new guys" mowing thier lawns.

    Good luck!

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