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  1. gdavis67

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    A friend of mine owns a large manufacturing facility in my town with about 2 - 2 1/4 acres of lawn and a 120,000 s.f. building on it. He just got a price of $375.50 per month for weekly mowing, 2 apps. of weed and feed, one app of fert. and free spring cleanup (26 weekly mows) - total $3000.00 for the season! I mention the size of the building because it has lawn all the way around it so the entire perimeter needs trimming weekly. There are not alot of trees/ planting beds, but there are some. I don't know if this is lowballing, or just that's how bad the market has become. What's your thoughts?

    CLARK LAWN LawnSite Silver Member
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    thats a little on the low side. what was he paying before?
  3. gdavis67

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    He's finding out for me. I don't bid it because it's too far away from my shop to make sense doing only that lawn in the area. The guy who just bid it has to drive 40 minutes to the site though. He may have other properties in the area, not sure.
  4. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Very much lowballed. I wouldn't do a $3K contract for all that mowing and trimming alone, let alone throw in the rest of it.
  5. M & MD Lawn

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    yea thats a lowball for sure, maybe weekly 300.00 weekly including all the extra, your friend got a hell of a deal in my eyes, I wouldn't have done it for that either
  6. PTSolutions

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    just mowing should be almost 5K.

    heres a quick calculation:
    2.125 acres(avg) x 43560(sq. ft. in acre) = 92,565 tot. sq. ft.

    92,565 / 1000 sq. ft. = 92.57 x $2 per 1K sq. ft. = $185.15 per mow

    26 mows x $185.15 = $4813.38 per mowing season.

    now, i just used the $2 per 1k sq. feet as an arbitrary number b/c im assuming there is alot of wide open mowing. if the property is more difficult then just up that $2 another .50 cents or what not.
  7. GreenmanCT

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    yea thats pretty low, you should find out what kind of equipment theyre running.
  8. IN2MOWN

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    Who cares?

    yeah, find out what kind of equipment he is running. Waste some more time when you could be out drumming up new business...
  9. Richard Martin

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    For a competitive bid that's not a bad price. If you're pricing by yourself and the customer called you to inquire, then yes, it might be low. But if this guy is bidding against other people, he knows other people are bidding too and he wants the job then this isn't a bad price. The only thing he's giving away is the spring cleanup. And that all depends on how hard it is to do. If it's an easy cleanup then just treat it like a mow.
  10. DoetschOutdoor

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    Lol, better have 100 lawns to make a 40 minute one way drive worth the gas and opportunity cost!!! Pretty rediculous if this guy is really doing all that for 375 a month.

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