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    I want to make sure that I am not low balling my compitition. Since this will be my first year doing lawn care I wan to make sure that I am competive and not bring down the market. What is the best way to find out what the going rate is in my area. I have read other post and the cencus is that I need to figure out my overhead. Even if I have my overhead figured out how would I know If its just to high or if its to low if I don't know what the local rate is. THanks in advance :drinkup:
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    It's always good I think to call around to your competition and have them quote you a price. Have a friend or family member come out and give them an estimate on their property. Compare to what you're charging or will charge. But yes, you need to figure in all of your expenses to your jobs. You need to cover your expenses and then some to be successful. If not, no need to be in business losing money.
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    i just wrote the same thing , but i didnt do this when i got started and i thought it a litttle shady so i erased it .sorry. the best advise i can give you is just to test your market and see what you get...best of luck.
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    calling your competition is the most briliant idea i ahve heard yet. this seems to be a wonderful plan, and i can find no faults, thanks 29 palms, and keep up the good work
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    That calling the competition for pricing information is lame IMHO. If you dont know what a local lawn is going for then you dont belong in the business. Im sorry but FFS.

    Theres no question in my mind youll end up lowballing anyways because Id bet this is a side deal under the radar.

    What is it with Fireman and lawn Mowing anyways.....
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    I think that would work as well.
  7. befnme

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    dont do it man .if you want to make this bus work for you then you have to work for it .do the leg work and get turned down a few times then you will know where you need to be .dont take the easy way out .
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    learn from ur mistakes...ive lost pleanty of jobs but got pleanty...everyone gets turned down from time to time...dont set urself to low...ive gone low b4 and realized it wasnt helpin me out...and stick to ur price, dont bargin with a cust. get out there and look professional

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    I hope you have a flame suit to put on. Taking on the firefighters, Flamin coming your way big time:laugh:
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    i agree%100:waving: :waving:

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