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    what ive been seeing and hearing from customers - more so this year than the past - is about the mailers customers recieve and consider to be an estimate - and there coming outa the woodwork this year

    its nothing new but---
    couple fastly growing local co's are advert. for ex 5 treatment for $xxx/month and then fine print says $xxx / month for 8 months---this is just one of many ive seen lately
    most pfeople automatically look to the big or bold number and go from there

    its marketing been done forever, works for some, just annoying for me, i really just suggest customers compare apples to apples
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    Do like I do
    I give them or ask them nicely to keep my information on file and that I will still be around in June when the other guy is gone or The other line that gets them is Call when you want the $10.00 mow job fixed.
    I get approx 50% call back and man they sure have to eat crow, "Ah are you still available to mow or lawn " ??
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    Fact of life is, The hard a certification is to get the higher the pay scale.

    Big problem with so many States is the ease of getting a Pesticide license makes worth less. I am not saying we don't have Lowballers here in Florida. But I don't think we have as many as I read about in other states.

    Now Grass Cutters are a totally different story, We have more Low Ball Grass cutters than Grass to cut.

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    And don't forget to take advantage of any of these features you have. You can always imply that... unlike your competitors:
    All workers speak English
    No agent orange
    No corn syrup
    No inexperienced workers
    No seasonal help
    All workers licensed and certified pesticide applicators
    No risk to spruce or any trees
    No upsell phone calls from out of state
    No applications if not needed in early winter
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    Riggle - That is why we are so well liked in our area. We have people that show up and they are all members of most of the communities and really get to know our clients. The bigger aspect is they know we are treating their lawns the way we would treat out own by not using things that would harm our kids and pets like this year going with the SumaGreen Turf.
    We also have English speaking employee:usflag: Not that it matters to me but we are a company that have had employees for some time now and it is just easier me me to communicate with my guys. I would like to hire a bi-lingual guy for several reasons like talking to my clients or future employees. I just had a bad encounter the last time where the person did not speak.

    Topic- offer the best and the best price you can give them and that is all you can do. Many people know I am honest with good pricing so I do not get asked a lot about my quotes nor do they ask me to go down in price unless they are new to the area.
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    From a business building perspective, low balling to build an account list and then raising prices down the road, is a very viable method. Corporate American does it all the time. They start with a very heavy and expensive Ad campaign. The goal is to create income. From a business point they are willing to pay for it today and take from it tomorrow.

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    I sent out a contract proposal to a customer that I quoted for the last 3 years, he said $140 same price I quoted for 3 years is more than he wanted to pay. He said trugreen was doing it for $50. I said well I park in front of your when I do the neighbor judging by the color and the amount of weeds you had, I had no idea you were under contract with anyone. If you want me you will need to pay the 140.00

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