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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeremy067390, May 16, 2007.

  1. jeremy067390

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    what is the use for lower lift blades, or even straight blades? just always have had highs on and saw some flat blades on ebay and was curious. would lows suck in the rain? clippings might stay under the dec longer and chop up more? any1?
  2. tacoma200

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    Coarse grasses that stand up by them selves are a candidate for low/medium lift. They would save on horse power in certain circumstances. I can't see a need for the low lifts in CT. Maybe certain types of Southern turf where dispersal isn't a priority. I would think medium lifts would do better in the rain with less lift there is less chance of it sticking to the bottom of the deck. One problem with my Ultra Cut is it slams grass up against the bottom of the deck with all that lift. Not great for wet conditions. I have to lower the rpm's in the wet and slow down.
  3. Paul in Maryland

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    I just received an Ariens/Gravely mulch kit for my Ariens 21-incher (911xx series). The kit consists of a disk, a full-bottom plastic shroud, and a low-lift or medium-lift conventional-looking blade. I guess the high-lift that comes with the mower lifts the clippings so high that they can't be recut to shreds. It will be interesting to compare the performance of this kit against my heavy, gator-type mulch blade from Oregon. I haven't tried either one yet; I'll compare them and report back.
  4. mag360

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    Medium lift blades with a notched foil do very well in the rain for us. Decks don't get clogged and clumps are not an issue.
  5. Audrey

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    On the underpowered mower I use them to save HP. If I need a little more lift, I will run a high lift on the discharge side and regulars on the other two spindles.

    Plus, depending on what you are cutting, they are cheaper if you sometimes bend one or two.


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