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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by pbr1893, Apr 12, 2004.

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    ok, so i was in lowes picking up some trash bags and i noticed summer annuals in the garden center. a huge,huuuge no no because we live in the mountains of nc where you cannot plant untilthe third week of may. so i ask the manager what gives and that it was bad business practice to tempt the unsuspecting novice to buy flowers before the propper time. so he tells me that lowes guarantees all...yes all... including annuals for one year! iasked if he'd refund my money if the flower is dead from the fall freeze and he said yes..that's lowes policy. my point after this long-winded paragraph is that lowes is trying even harder to push out the small flower people b/c they cannot guarantee their product for one year. my answer... start a business and buy plants from lowes. at the end of the season divide all perinneals, keep half and return the other half along with the other dead annuals and get your money back. unethical and misleading? yep...but fight fire with fire!
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    but lowes gets gaurentees from their growers/supplies. a guy out by me has a very large growing operation, he said he just to sell to home depot and whatever people brought back because it died, home depot wanted him to give them a credit....
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    its the same thing with lowes! ive actually heard that its putting some greenhouses in financial problems b/c of these contracts with lowes and home depot. they think theyre going to make a killing but they end up buying back alot of their stock.
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    When people hear the words "free replacement", to some, it's an excuse to flat out not care for the plants in a proper manner. Why take the time to properly care for them when Lowe's, et al ,will replace them for free? Nothing is free, and as others have said, it ultimately hurts the growers who are in a contract with these "big box" retailers, who have no business selling stock to begin with. They should stick to selling hardware and home improvement supplies, and leave the plants to the real professionals. Ever try and get some information from some of the people who work in these places? No doubt, it's definitely not the same experience you will get from your local nursery!
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    Sore subject with me! Do the industry a favor and stay away from these big box stores. Go to a professional nursery and buy QUALITY plants. You may pay more, but the plants should perform better which in turn makes you look better.
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    I'm with you nuchdig, except you shouldnt be paying more at a wholesale nursery. There are several wholesale nurseries in my area that have better prices, much better service, more consistent stock, fresher stock. Dont see a good reason to go to Lowes or HD, they can keep their warranty.

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